What Position Should The Fastest Player Play In Soccer?

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Soccer is a sport that involves pace regardless of your position. This is because each player has to chase the ball, get it and ensure possession. But, what position should the fastest player play in soccer?

This is what you are going to find out in this article.

Let’s get started.

What Position Should The Fastest Player Play In Soccer?

In soccer, the fastest player should play in the winger position. The winger position requires a lot of speed to beat defenders and cross or cut in to score goals.

If you have pace, the winger position can be for you.

But, why is it important to be fast on the wings?

Why Is It Important To Have Pace As A Winger?

what position should the fastest player play in soccer - A player running on the right wing

As a winger, your job is to run the entire width of the pitch and cross the ball for the other forwards.

With that in mind, you need to work on both your pace and stamina.

Of course, the winger is supported the majority of the time by the full-back, but the winger still has to put too much effort into the side.

Also, all professional players who have played in the winger position had pace and were the fastest players in their team.

For example, K.Mbappe in PSG, or Kingsley Coman, Sane and Serge Gnabry in Bayern Munich. What those players have in common is they are the fastest players in their teams and they all play in the winger position.

The Fastest Player Should Be The Most Feared Player In The Team

When a player is fast, the opposing defenders tend to be scared and don’t leave too much space.

A fast player can easily run into space and behind the defence to score goals.

For example, once again, Mbappe. Every time he faces defenders, they have no choice but to defend very low on the pitch. If they leave too much space, Mbappe will exploit those spaces and punish them.

So, the fastest player is the most feared player on the pitch.

It is more difficult to defend against a fast forward than a skilful one.

Speaking about skills, keep in mind that being the fastest player doesn’t necessarily mean you need to play in the winger position.

You can be the fastest player but with poor dribbling and finishing ability.

In this case, maybe the winger position is not right for you.

Because, as a winger, you have to be fast, but also be able to dribble to eliminate opposing defenders. You should also be able to cross a ball and finish.

Say you are only good at running, well, in this case, you should find a different position based on what you can really do on the pitch.

However, because of the pace you have, it should be a good idea to play as a winger and just improve the other missing skills like dribbling, finishing, and crossing. If you have those latest skills, you will be a complete winger.

Play Where You Feel Most Comfortable In

Yes, the fastest player should play on the wing.

But, remember that you are the one who knows where you are more comfortable when you are on the pitch. You know your skills well and more than anyone else.

So, use those skills to define your position. Ask yourself, what am I good at? Can I dribble? Do I like to hold the ball?

Just look at your strengths and weaknesses.

Most people are not able to define their skills. If that’s your case, then ask your friends in your neighbourhood or your teammates in your team.

Your friends are perfectly capable of telling you the truth as they see you playing most of the time.

If you have a team, you can also ask your coach. The coach is even the best person to define a position for you based on your skills and what you have shown in training.

So, if you are the fastest player in your neighbourhood or your team, the ideal position that your team will most benefit from is on the wing. But, on the other hand, do not just rely on that to define your position.

Final Word

At the end of this article, it should be remembered that the faster player in a team should play as a winger.

The fastest professional soccer players out there play in the winger position in their team and there is a reason for it.

Are you the fastest player in your team right now? What position do you play? Do you think you can do well as a winger?

Let me know in the comment section below and I will get back to you.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

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