What Is The Purpose Of Dribbling In Soccer?

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Dribbling is something very simple to do but difficult to master because there is no correct way to do it. For example, when you play a video game, everybody has a different approach to how to win. But, everyone uses the same controller. It’s the same thing with dribbling, everybody has a different style of dribbling but they all use the same technique. But, what is the purpose of dribbling in soccer?

This is what you are going to find out in this article.

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What Is The Purpose Of Dribbling In Soccer?

Soccer players are sometimes dribbling for four main purposes such as for fun, to humiliate the opponent, for the pleasure of the fans and to create an opportunity to score a goal. Whether you are a striker, a midfield, or a defender, sometimes you might want to dribble your opponents, especially when you are playing with your friends or during a friendly game.

Even though you have no idea how to do it, the need for dribbling may cross your mind sometimes, this is natural. Let’s dig into those four main reasons listed above.

Dribbling can be used for four main reasons:

A/ For fun

Sometimes, during a soccer game, dribbling can be used for fun, because the dribbler likes it. A player like Neymar, for instance, dribbles for fun because this is his playing style and what he likes.

B/ To humiliate the opponent

Have you ever seen a striker or midfielder hold the ball and try to humiliate their opponents?

It happens a lot in the soccer world, especially when there’s a classic game. We can see it often during PSG vs OM games, where Neymar and Mbappe constantly try to humiliate Olympic De Marseille players.

C/ For the pleasure of the fans

Many soccer fans go to the stadiums to see tricks, skills and techniques from their favourite soccer players. So, it’s very common to see players who have the capacity to dribble hold the ball and do multiple tricks for the fans to enjoy.

Plus, every time a player dribble, the whole stadium go crazy about it. People enjoy seeing these tricks, they like to be entertained.

D/ To create a goal scoring opportunity

This is probably the most important reason for dribbling in soccer.

Most players have the capacity and ability to use their dribbling skills to get rid of one, two or three players and create spaces to finally release the ball to the striker to finish.

Hence it’s always an advantage to have a player who can hold the ball and dribble in a team.

What Is The Importance Of Dribbling In Soccer?

As already mentioned in the previous section of this article, the main importance of dribbling in soccer should be to create a goal opportunity. Sometimes, a game can be very tight in terms of space. So, having a player with dribbling skills is a huge advantage as he can take his responsibilities and dribble an entire defence and score or assist.

Disadvantages Of Dribbling In Football

Although dribbling can have a huge positive impact on a football/soccer game, it can also bring a negative impact.

  • You can lose the ball while trying to dribble and the opponent will score.
  • Your teammate can be in a fantastic position to score and dribbling at this time will be so annoying.
  • Dribbling too much during a football game can make your opponent trying to hurt you.
  • Dribbling can make you humiliate your opponents.

What Is Speed Dribbling In Soccer?

Speed dribbling is the process of executing a dribble as fast as possible. This usually occurs when adopting a body position that is designed for speed. Note that speed dribbling doesn’t only include fast tricks with the ball, but it also includes sprinting with a ball and getting rid of your opponents at the same time.

Final Word

Dribbling in soccer can be done for various purposes. But you always have to consider dribbling only when it’s necessary.

This is, of course, to create a chance to score a goal.

Keep in mind that it’s important to dribble only in the other half of the pitch. Dribbling in your own defence can be very dangerous in the event of the loss of the ball.

Do you like to dribble during a soccer game? Let us know in the comment section below.

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