What Is A 10 In Soccer? (A Complete Answer!)

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You have probably heard about the number 10 position in your neighbourhood or simply by watching soccer on TV. But, what is a 10 in soccer?

We often see young talents claiming they want to play the 10 in a Sunday League game. But, what is it?

In this article, you are going to learn what a 10 is. You are also going to learn what the number 10 is required to do on the pitch.

Let’s get started.

What Is A 10 In Soccer?

In soccer, a 10 is the attacking midfielder whose primary role is to link the midfield and the attack. The number 10 position is occupied by a very creative player who has to find space to get on the ball and positively affects the game by scoring or setting up a teammate.

The number 10 is positioned between midfielders and the opposing defensive line.

In the next section of this article, you are going to learn what the number 10 is required to do to affect the game positively.

1-The Number 10 Makes Runs In Behind The Center Backs

what is a 10 in soccer - An attacking midfielder running behind the defense

The number 10 makes runs in behind the centre backs to try to score goals.

For instance, if the winger has the ball like in the screenshot above, the attacking midfielder should make a run behind the central defender and look for that Through ball to score.

2-The Number 10 Should Get Into The Box

As an attacking midfielder, you are expected to get into the opposition box from time to time.

Note that the number 10 used to be just a creative position. But, nowadays, they are required to score a lot of goals as well as strikers.

So, if a winger has the ball out wide, make sure to run into the box and make yourself available for a potential header. The more you get into the box, the more goals you will score.

what is a 10 in soccer - Number 10 running to get inside the box

3-The Number 10 Should Support Wingers For A 2Vs1

As a number 10, you have to make an overlapping run from time to time when the ball gets played wide and then create a 2vs1 situation.

This means that if the winger has the ball, you don’t necessarily have to run into the box and wait for the ball. Instead, you can support the winger and create a 2vs1 situation.

This is why it’s very important for attacking midfielders to be aware of the space around them and identify where there is a 2vs1 opportunity.

Note that this can also apply with a different player. The number 10 should also make a lot of combinations with the striker.

If you have watched the Manchester United team play, you have probably seen Bruno Fernandes combining a lot with Cavani or C.Ronaldo.

When an attacking midfielder communicates very well with the striker on the pitch, this duo can give a lot of headaches to the opposing defenders.

4-The Number 10 Has To Be Dangerous

As an attacking midfielder, you have to be able to create, attack and make things happen.

To do so, you have to constantly search for the ball and make an impact on the game. Defenders have to fear you every time you have the ball.

Look at a player like Bruno Fernandes, every time he has the ball, defenders fear because he can dangerous when he finds a lot of space.

So, if you want opposing defenders to fear you, make sure to train and improve your dribbling skills and your first touch.

Also, don’t just focus on learning some tricks, but learn how to keep the ball on your feet while running. With that being said, improve your speed with the ball.

5-The Number 10 Has To Find Pockets Of Space

To be dangerous, you have to receive the ball. But, to receive the ball, you have to make yourself available.

Remember, the number 10 is positioned between the midfielders and the defensive line of the opposition.

With that being said, as a number 10, you have to search for pockets of space in that area. You have to be moving around as often as possible and surveying the pitch every second.

This means you have to know what to do even before you receive the ball. Once you received that ball, you can simply proceed.

The next time you play with your friends, practice those tips in training so you can do it in a game after. Make sure to search for space as often as possible.

6-The Number 10 Has To Defend FRom The Front

As a number 10, you should not only attack but defend as well.

You are often going to be asked to pressure the opposing defenders so they can make mistakes.

Remember, the majority of defenders are not as technical as forwards players.

So, whenever they have the ball, they can easily panic and lose the ball if a forward is running towards them.

7-The Number 10 Should Have A Good Shooting Technique

The number 10 allows you to be in a good position to score goals.

So, you have to work on your finishing and shooting ability because you will find yourself in a good position to score most of the time.

You have certainly watched Kevin De Bruyne with his amazing shooting ability.

Final Word

The number 10 links the midfield to the attack and is positioned in front of the central midfielder and right behind the striker.

The modern number 10 is now required to score and set up a lot of goals.

To do that, it’s not just about the technique but also about the movement off the ball. The more you can develop the movement off of the ball and have a better awareness of your surrounding, the better attacking midfielder you will be.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

What is your best quality as a number 10? What would you like to improve to be a better attacking midfielder? Let me know in the comment section below.

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