What Position Should I Play In Football(Soccer)? Quiz

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Are you passionate about football (soccer) and wondering which position suits you best on the pitch? Look no further! Our interactive quiz is designed to help you uncover your ideal role in the beautiful game. Whether you’re a beginner looking to join a local team or a seasoned player aiming to refine your skills, this quiz will guide you towards the position that complements your natural abilities and playing style.

The Quiz Experience: Our football position quiz is a fun and engaging way to explore various roles on the field. Simply answer a series of questions about your preferences, skills, and playing style, and our algorithm will analyze your responses to provide you with a personalized result. Each question is carefully crafted to evaluate different aspects of your game, ensuring an accurate outcome.

Discover Your True Calling: Upon completing the quiz, you’ll receive a comprehensive analysis of your football position. Whether you’re a skilled striker who loves scoring goals, a creative midfielder who dictates play, a solid defender who thrives on challenges, or a nimble goalkeeper who can stop anything that comes their way, our quiz will unveil the perfect role for you. Embrace your newfound knowledge and take your game to the next level!

Why Take Our Quiz?

  • Gain Self-Awareness: Discovering your ideal football position can enhance your understanding of the game and allow you to focus on developing specific skills.
  • Optimize Team Dynamics: By knowing where you excel on the field, you can contribute effectively to your team’s success and complement your teammates’ strengths.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Our quiz results provide valuable insights and suggestions tailored to your unique attributes, helping you make informed decisions about your football journey.

Start Your Journey Today: Ready to find out which football position suits you best? Take our interactive quiz now and unlock the doors to your footballing destiny! Whether you aspire to become a prolific striker, a midfield maestro, a rock-solid defender, or a heroic goalkeeper, our quiz will guide you towards the role that aligns with your skills, instincts, and aspirations.


Soccer Position Quiz

Soccer Position Quiz

1. What do you enjoy the most in soccer?

Scoring goals
Making precise passes and assists
Defending and keeping the goal clear

2. How do you feel about running long distances during a game?

I dislike it, I prefer short bursts of speed
I can handle some running, but not too much
I enjoy running long distances and have great stamina

3. What is your preferred role in a team sport?

Goal-scorer or playmaker
Midfielder or all-around player
Defender or goalkeeper

4. How do you handle one-on-one situations on the field?

I feel nervous and struggle in one-on-one situations
I can hold my own, but it depends on the opponent
I’m confident and usually win one-on-one battles

5. How much do you value teamwork in a game?

Teamwork is essential for success
I value teamwork, but individual skills are important too
I prefer individual play and rely on my skills

6. What is your preferred playing position in defense?

Center back
Full back

7. How do you feel about making long passes and crosses into the opponent’s box?

I’m confident and accurate with my long passes and crosses
I can make decent long passes and crosses, but not consistently
I struggle with making long passes and crosses

8. What role do you prefer in set-pieces (corners, free-kicks)?

I like to be in the box trying to score
I prefer to deliver the ball into the box
I prefer to stay at the back to defend

9. How do you feel about taking free-kicks?

I’m confident in my free-kick abilities and like taking them
I can take free-kicks, but I’m not the best at it
I prefer leaving free-kicks to other teammates

10. What is your preferred role in a counter-attack situation?

I like to be the one scoring the goal
I prefer to assist and create opportunities for others
I like to stay back and provide support for the attack

11. How do you feel about dribbling past multiple opponents?

I’m skilled at dribbling and enjoy taking on multiple opponents
I can dribble past some opponents, but not too many
I prefer passing over dribbling to advance

12. How do you feel about tracking back and helping in defense?

I always track back and contribute to defense
I track back when necessary, but I prefer staying forward
I don’t like tracking back and rarely do it

13. How do you feel about playing in a physically demanding position?

I’m comfortable with a physically demanding role
I can handle some physicality, but not too much
I prefer a less physical role

14. How do you feel about directing and organizing the team on the field?

I enjoy taking up a leadership role and organizing the team
I can give directions if needed, but I’m not a natural leader
I prefer focusing on my own game rather than organizing others

15. How do you feel about taking on the goalkeeper position?

I would love to be a goalkeeper, it’s an important role
I can play as a goalkeeper if needed, but it’s not my first choice
I prefer playing outfield and not interested in goalkeeping

16. How do you feel about your passing accuracy?

I have excellent passing accuracy
I’m fairly accurate, but there’s room for improvement
I struggle with passing accuracy

17. How do you feel about your shooting ability?

I have a powerful and accurate shot
I can shoot fairly well, but not as strong or accurate
I don’t have a strong shot and often miss the target

18. How do you feel about playing in a fast-paced, high-pressure game?

I thrive in fast-paced, high-pressure situations
I can handle the pace and pressure to some extent
I prefer a slower, less intense pace

19. How do you feel about playing in different weather conditions?

I can play in any weather conditions
I can play in most weather conditions, but extreme conditions affect me
I prefer specific weather conditions and struggle in others

20. How do you feel about playing in a physically aggressive league?

I’m comfortable with physical play, and it won’t bother me
I can handle some physicality, but too much becomes frustrating
I don’t like playing in a physically aggressive league

After the Quiz: Your Personalized Tips & Tricks

Congratulations! You’ve just uncovered your ideal soccer position based on your unique playing style and preferences. Now, it’s time to take your game to the next level and receive personalized tips tailored specifically to your chosen position.

Discover Your Personalized Tips:

Goalkeeper: If you’ve been identified as a natural goalkeeper, click here to access a treasure trove of insights that will transform you into an indomitable presence between the posts. Get Goalkeeper tips and tricks here.

Center Back: Are you a master of defensive tactics? Dive into your personalized defender tips and become the ultimate shield against opposing attacks. Get Center Back tips

Midfielder: As a midfield maestro, your ability to dictate play is crucial. Uncover tactical strategies that will elevate your vision, passing, and overall influence on the game. Get Midfielder Tips

Striker: If you’re the one who scores the goals, then your personalized striker tips are waiting for you. Enhance your finishing skills and transform into a goal-scoring dynamo. Get Striker Tips

Winger: Are you the electrifying presence on the flanks? Discover tips that will amplify your dribbling, crossing, and cutting-edge attacks as a dynamic winger. Get Winger Tips

Full Back: If you’re the defensive dynamo supporting both defense and attack, your personalized full back tips await. Develop your overlapping runs, one-on-one skills, and more. Get Full Back Tips

Each personalized tips page is packed with expert insights, practical examples, and strategies that align perfectly with your chosen soccer position. Elevate your skills, tactical understanding, and overall impact on the field by delving into the tips designed exclusively for you.

Click on the link corresponding to your identified position, and embark on a journey of soccer mastery like never before. Your personalized success on the field starts now!


At soccerfolders.com, we believe that every player has a special place on the football field. Our football position quiz is designed to help you identify your natural strengths and uncover your true calling in the game. Embrace the excitement, learn more about yourself, and let your chosen position become a launching pad for your footballing dreams. Start the quiz today and unlock a world of possibilities!

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