What Position Do Tall Soccer Players Play?

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What position do tall soccer players play?

Before answering that question, note that soccer has produced legends from the shortest to the tallest players.

But, what position is best suited for tall players?

Let’s find out.

What Position Do Tall Soccer Players Play?

In a nutshell, The centre back, the centre forward(striker) and the goalie are the best-suited positions for tall players to play in soccer. Those three positions require a tall and physically strong player to win long balls.

In a few seconds from now, I am going to explain in a mere detail why it’s important to have tall players in the centre back, striker and goalie positions.

But first, if you are a tall soccer player and you would like to know what position will fit you well, it’s important to have a look at your skills, not only your height.

The truth is that in soccer, there are no specific positions for specific players. It is just a matter of whether you have what it takes or not.

For example, you can be tall, fast and have dribbling skills. In this case, you can also play as a midfield or winger.

So, do not just rely on your height to define your position.

Now, let’s see why it is important to play as a centre back if you are a tall player.

1-Why Is It Important To Have Tall Players In The Centre Back?

The centre back position is a defensive position that requires tall players to win long balls.

The majority of teams like to play long balls. So, if your team doesn’t have tall players in defence, likely, you are going to suffer a lot and concede a lot of goals.

For example, in English Primer League, the majority of teams love to play long balls. You can also notice that most defenders in Primer League are tall and physically strong.

Also, having tall players in defence is very crucial to defend corner kicks.

Corner kicks mean playing long balls in the box for a potential header. So, if you don’t have tall players to win those long balls in the box, the opposing team is going to dominate you.

It’s important to understand that your opponent team is always going to find out your weaknesses and use them to their advantage.

So, if they notice that your weakness is the defence, they are going to seek corners during the entire game to win those long balls and score many goals.

With that being said, put your tallest players as your centre backs.

2-Why Is It Important To Have Tall Players In The Striker Position?

There is a reason why some teams play with two strikers: The main striker and a second striker.

The main striker is required to be tall and physically strong to win long balls from crosses or knock the ball down for the second striker to finish.

For example, Inter Milan used to play with Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez.

They are two different profiles: Lukaku is tall and physically strong. However, Martinez is short and technically good.

This duo has been powerful for a while before Lukaku left the club.

So, having a tall striker will help your team during long balls, corners, or any other set-piece.

But, who are the tallest soccer players?

3-Why Is It Important To Have A Tall Player As A Goalie?

The goalkeeper is the last one to beat and the only one to use their hands in soccer.

It’s important to have a tall goalie to win aerial balls, especially in corners. If you have a short goalie, likey, you are going to suffer during corners.

The taller the goalie is, the easier it will be to make saves.

Plus, the goal post area is about 8 yards long and 8 feet high. So, having a tall goalie makes it easier to jump from one angle to another to make a save.

What Position Do Tall Soccer Players Play - Post goal area

Some Of The Tallest Soccer Players

Here is a list of some of the tallest soccer defenders:

  • Lacina Traore. Ivorian (Height: 2.03 m)
  • Virgil Van Dijk (Height: 1.94 m)
  • Niklas Sule (Height: 1.95)
  • Kalidou Koulibaly (Height: 1.87 m)
  • Gerard Pique (Height: 1.94 m)

Here are some of the tallest soccer strikers:

  • Peter Crouch (Height: 2.01)
  • Stefan Maierhofer (Height: 2.02)
  • Simon Makienok (Height: 2.01)
  • Sasa Kalajdzic (Height: 2m)
  • Paul Onuachu (Height: 2.01)

These are just some of the tallest strikers in soccer but not the tallest.

Many people still believe that Peter Crouch is the tallest soccer player ever.

But, as you can see above, there are many players taller than him.

Peter Crouch is certainly the most famous tallest player ever.

But, the tallest soccer player is reported to be Kristof Van Hout (Height: 2.08).

How Tall Is Cr7?

Cristiano Ronaldo aka Cr7 is 1.87 m feet high. This is why he has scored several goals with his head. He is considered the Michael Jordan of soccer.

Final Word

At the end of this article, it should be remembered that tall soccer players can play in any position. But the most suited positions for them are the centre back, striker and the goalie as these positions require winning long balls in the air.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

How tall are you? What position do you play? Do you think your height and skills can allow you to play as a centre back or striker?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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