Soccer Goalkeeper Tips For Beginners

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Although the goalie position can seem simple since all you have to do is prevent every ball from entering the goal, however, there are a few soccer goalkeeper tips you need to know to improve your game.

This article will primarily focus on the 8 best goalkeeping tips that every goalie have to learn and implement right now.

You are also going to know the common mistakes the majority of goalkeepers make. This means you will be in a prime position to avoid them during your next game.

Let’s get started.

Soccer Goalkeeper Tips For Beginners

Here are the 8 soccer goalkeeper tips you need to improve your game:

  • A goalie have to know how to cover his angle properly
  • Know how to properly catch a ball
  • Work on your distribution
  • Communicate with your defenders
  • You have to learn how to cover a corner kick
  • Do not hesitate
  • Anticipate
  • Don’t vomit the ball back on the opposing players

1-You Have To Know How To Cover Your Angles Properly

One of the most fundamental things to know as a goalie is to be able to cover your angles the right way.

Remember, the goal post area is about 8 yards long and 8 feet high. This means there is enough space for the striker to target any side and beat you.

By knowing this, what are you going to do? Well, you have to play it smart.

Here is what you have to know: the more you go out, the more the opposing player won’t see the net.

soccer goalkeeper tips - Goalie reducing the angles

Every time a player is running to face you, do not stay in your cages. Instead, come out to reduce the angle. Plus, the more you come out to the player, the more he will be confused and won’t know what to do with the ball.

In this case, the player has two options: He can either try to curl the ball with accuracy, or he will merely shoot it on you and miss.

This means you have the advantage and it is just a matter of how you are going to stop the shot.

Also, the opposing forward could try to chip the ball if you are too far from your post area. In this case, try to be on your feet to be able to run back in your net as quickly as possible when this happens.

2-Know How To Properly Catch A Ball

One of the basic things to learn as a goalkeeper is your ability to catch a soccer ball.

You are a goalie, meaning, you are the only player allowed to use your arms in a team. This has to be your strength on the pitch.

So, make sure to train this skill every day.

Some of the catches you should be trained in executing are the chest catch, the scoop catch, the full extension dive and the cross catch.

3-Work On Your Distribution

You have to make sure to work on your distribution all the time. This includes goal-kick and passing.

A goalie’s job is not just limited to catching the ball. You also have o improve your game on the feet.

If you are not good enough with the ball on your feet, the opposition will know that and will always pressure you whenever you have the ball.

For example, during the 2022 Champion’s League knock out stage between Real Madrid vs PSG, Gianluigi Donnarumma made a huge mistake that allowed Benzema to score a goal.

So, it is important to work on your feet as much as possible.

4-Communicate With You Defenders

As a goalkeeper, you have to communicate with your defenders all the time on the pitch.

The goalie is the last man behind the defenders. So, the goalie sees everything.

For example, during a counter-attack, the goalie is in a good position to talk to his defenders and tell them if there is a forgotten opposing player on their back.

We often see professional defenders forgetting opposing players on their back and the goalie doesn’t say anything. And, of course, this costs them some goals.

Hence why it’s important to communicate with your defenders.

5- Learn To Properly Cover A Corner Kick

Learning to cover a corner kick is as important as covering your angles.

The majority of teams tend to look for a kick when they don’t manage to easily get into the opposition box. This can be a free-kick or a corner.

This is what Atletico Madrid or the majority of Primer League teams do most of the time.

If a team has tall players with a good heading ability, they will always look for a corner kick to use to their advantage.

To properly cover a corner kick, you first need to ask one of your defenders to cover the inside post(located on the side where the corner is given).

For example, if a corner is given to your left, ask your defender to cover your left post.

soccer goalkeeper tips - A corner kick

Then, you have to stand in the middle of the small box.

Finally, make sure to eliminate any threat by catching or punching the ball when it arrives near you.

6-Do Not Hesitate

Hesitation has made several goalies fail their duel with strikers.

As a goalie, you always want to follow the first decision that comes to your mind.

For instance, if a long pass is given to the opposing striker and you want to go get it before him, go for it. If you hesitate a lot, the player will score a goal. A lot of things can happen in one second of hesitation.

You can also be in a situation where the opposing player is running to face you on a one-on-one. In this case, you need to make a fast decision whether you should go or wait.


One of the most important goalie skills is to be able to anticipate.

As a goalie, you have to read the game and analyse every situation.

For example, if a player is about to cross a ball, you should analyse the situation and be ready to prevent the other player from receiving that ball.

It doesn’t matter whether you freeze or clear it. The most important thing is to eliminate the threat.

8-Don’t Release The Ball on The Opposition Feet

If a player shoot and you can not catch the ball, it might be a good idea to release it.

However, do not vomit it on the opposition players. Instead, try to deflect it so it goes away from your penalty box.

Final Word

This article was all about the 8 best soccer goalkeeper tips every goalie should learn.

Let’s recap those tips: As a goalie, you have to know how to cover your angles properly, you have to know how to properly catch a ball, work on your distribution, communicate with your defenders, learn to cover a corner kick, learn to not hesitate, learn to anticipate, and to not release the ball to the opposing players.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

If you have any questions, consider leaving them in the comment section below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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  1. Loved reading your post, in fact as I was reading your post it reminded me of my younger days when I used to actively play football every weekend. I still remember an incident wherein I jumped to catch the ball and as I landed on the ground I couldn’t hold on to the ball and it rolled on to the nets. The best tip I have ever received is ‘keep a hold on the ball’

  2. I would much rather be one of the regular footballers than the goal keeper. I think the stress and expectation must be tremendous, especially on international goal keepers and especially during a penalty shoot out.

    I think besides learning all the skills you pointed out, the psychology aspect I think is a big aspect they also need to master to ensure that stress does not get the better of them. They need to be able to stay relaxed and focused, remembering the skills they have learned instead of being overwhelmed by the moment.

    • HI, I agree that it’s more stressful for goalies during the penalty shoot out.

      Thanks for also mentioning stress. This is an important component that every goalie should handle. If a goalie doesn’t manage to handle the stress, a lot of mistakes can happen.

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great piece of article! I found it a good helpful write-up with a good sound and explanation. Here I got a number of concepts that is definitely helpful for every soccer goalkeeping enthusiast. Please keep sharing more updates!


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