Why Do Soccer Players Spit Out Water?

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Why do soccer players spit out water? Although this question might sound silly to some, it has gotten a lot of attention during the past years. You have likely seen a couple of professional soccer players spitting out their water during a game and now you want to know the reason behind it. Well, in … Read more

Why Is Passing So Important In Soccer? (Answered!)

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Why is passing so important in soccer? This question has been asked by people of all ages during the past decades. First off, in every soccer academy, it’s taught that the best gameplay style is the pass. But, why is that? Why is passing the ball important in soccer? In this article, you are going … Read more

Should Soccer Players Wear Helmets? (Answered!)

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Should soccer players wear helmets? In American football(NFL), players wear helmets because of the high intensity and aggressivity of the games. But, what about soccer? In this article, you are going to find out whether soccer players should wear helmets or not. Let’s get started. Quick Navigation Should soccer players wear helmets? Should pro soccer … Read more

Soccer Goalkeeper Tips For Beginners

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Although the goalie position can seem simple since all you have to do is prevent every ball from entering the goal, however, there are a few soccer goalkeeper tips you need to know to improve your game. This article will primarily focus on the 8 best goalkeeping tips that every goalie have to learn and … Read more

Why Do Goalies Wear Different Uniforms?

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Why do goalies wear different uniforms? Before answering that question, you need to understand that in soccer/football, each team is composed of eleven players on the pitch. Among these players, there are ten outfield players and one goalie. The goalie is the one on guard at the goal area and he is the only one … Read more