Why Do Soccer Players Wear Bras? The Definitive Answer!

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Why do soccer players wear bras?

First thing first, you have probably seen soccer players wearing that black vest in a professional game or training and now you want to know the reason behind it.

Well, you are in the right place.

In this article, you are going to find out what do male soccer players wear under jerseys, why they wear them and everything you need to know about it.

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Why Do Soccer Players Wear Bras?

Soccer players wear bras aka SmartVest because it contains a GPS that loads statistical data by tracking players’ acceleration, total distance covered, heart rate and other essential stats.

So, this smart vest measures not only distance and speed but also body movement and overall performance on the pitch.

Now you must wonder how can wearing bras measure all these data – Well, as mentioned above, this SmartVest has a little pocket that holds a GPS and loads statistical data in a matter of seconds.

Why do soccer players wear bras - Alexi Sanches wearing a bra with GPS tracking

We all know it sounds strange to see a male soccer player wearing bras during training, but this is how it has been designed and most players seem to love it so far.

Some of the data collected and analyzed include:

  • Distance covered
  • Speed
  • Acceleration/deceleration
  • Change of direction
  • Jumps
  • Heart rate
  • Load and intensity
  • Positional data
  • Impacts

This wealth of data allows coaches and trainers to quantify every aspect of a player’s physical performance and make data-driven decisions about training, recovery, and team selection.


When Do Soccer Players Wear Sports Bras?

Soccer players wear those sports bras during official matches and training sessions.

You have probably noticed it when players take off their shirts after a goal or at the end of a game to exchange them with other players. Or at the top of their jerseys during training.

This is how the world discovered those sports bras.

Is It Comfortable To Wear Soccer Bras?

Is it comfortable to wear sports bras? Well, the answer is yes. Wearing a soccer bra is just like wearing a sweater. Lightweight and comfortable.

How do you feel when wearing a sweater? Well, it’s the same with a sports bra.

But, why is it important to wear a GPS vest?

Why Is It Important For Players To Wear A GPS?

What you should understand is that nowadays, soccer is nothing like it used to be.

Today, many things have changed and improved, from soccer jerseys to equipment. What is used today won’t probably be used 20 years from now.

Well, most likely yes because things improve and people keep creating new technologies.

So, players need to wear a GPS tracker so they can know their performance.

But how does GPS improve performance?

After knowing their performance, players can focus on improving their weaknesses and gameplay discovered by the tracker.

For example, if you are a winger, you can wear a sports bra and analyse your performance for the first half of the game. If you notice that you have lacked some strength or speed, you can use those data to improve your performance in the second half.

So, this is how coaches manage to determine if a player is ready enough to play the next game or not. This is one of the secrets behind managers’ choices.

However, in big competitions, those GPS bras are also useful to determine the player’s position on the pitch.

GPS Determines Players’ Movements On The Pitch

Another reason why pro soccer players wear bras during games is to give experts a lot of data to work with.

You have probably seen a specific player’s map during a game and wondered how people could easily determine that.

Why do soccer players wear bras - Player's map on the pitch

This is possible because the player is wearing a bra under his jersey.

How To Use The GPS SmartVest?

Here is how you can use the soccer players’ SmartVest:

1- First, these bras are equipped with a small piece of GPS that can be charged. It can be charged within 2 hours and last for up to three games.

2- Once it’s charged, it goes back into the back vest and you will see flashing lights indicating that it started recording. Then, the player can start moving.

3- There is no on and off button. It just starts recording when the player starts moving.

4- It works by tracking the GPS data and a magnetic strip activates it.

5- After your game or your training session, you can take the small equipment out and sync it to your phone.

Why do soccer players wear sports bras - Syncing phone to GPS tracker

Then you can see all of your game data.

6- You can have a detailed view of each of the metrics within the app and know what to improve.

Should You Wear Bras?

Whether you are a professional or amateur soccer player, wearing this SmartVest will help you improve your overall performance.

You don’t necessarily need it. But having it will give you an advantage and allow you to be ahead of others.

Plus, this technology is just going to be used a lot more in the future years. So, it’s preferable to have it now.

Keep in mind that, wearing soccer bras isn’t just for boys and men, girls and women are also seen wearing them.

So, it’s for everyone.

But why do you need to track your performances?

There are several reasons why players need to track their performances:

  • Players track their performances to compare sessions to recent history
  • Produce high-quality reports
  • Monitor individual training demands
  • To identify significant stress
  • To minimise injury and fatigue
  • Improve their gameplay

Benefits of Wearing a Soccer GPS Vest

Here are some of the top benefits of soccer teams utilizing these tracking vests:

  • Optimize training load and intensity for each player
  • Identify high injury risk movements and overload
  • Improve technical skills by analyzing movements
  • Enhance endurance, speed, agility based on quantified data
  • Monitor effectiveness of substitutions and tactics
  • Prevent overtraining and burning out star players
  • Motivate players by tracking progression
  • Gain a competitive edge over opponents

The technology has become an integral tool for elite teams to maximize player potential. Data analytics is reshaping soccer strategies and giving teams who effectively utilize it an edge.

Controversies Around Tracking Tech

While GPS-tracking vests provide obvious performance benefits, they have generated some controversy too. Critics argue obsessive monitoring could dehumanize players.

There are concerns about data privacy as well. However, brands claim data belongs to teams, not the GPS companies. There are also worries the tech could increase pressure on players and be misused in some settings.

Despite some objections, most experts believe the player-tracking revolution is here to stay. However, protocols may need to be developed to prevent misuse while allowing benefits.

Additional Details on Soccer GPS Vests

Here are some additional details on soccer GPS vests you should know:

  • Battery life is 8-10 hours, allowing use in multiple matches before recharging. New vests with longer battery life are in development.
  • The GPS sensors track at high frequencies like 10Hz or 15Hz, providing detailed movement analysis. More data points mean more precision.
  • Various vest sizes are available to provide a comfortable, compression fit regardless of the player’s body size. Ill-fitting vests negatively impact data quality.
  • Vests are lightweight and sweat-wicking to avoid interfering with performance. Players report barely noticing them once put on.
  • Accelerometers inside track G-forces in all planes of motion. This reveals exertion, jumps, hard cuts, collisions, and other high-intensity moments.
  • Heart rate monitoring allows tracking intensity and cardiovascular load. This helps optimize training volume and recovery time.
  • Teams often have players wear the vests 2-3 weeks before a season to benchmark fitness levels individually. Comparisons to past seasons also provide insights.
  • Vests must be worn under jerseys to avoid interfering with gameplay. Referees inspect vests before matches to confirm no hidden tech or communication devices.
  • Some concerns exist about wearing vests in high heat/humidity, but research has found minimal additional heat stress. Lighter, cooler vests are also in development.
  • Players sometimes personalize their vests with their name or number on the front for easy identification when storing or charging between sessions.

Tips for Getting Started With Soccer GPS

Here are a few tips if you’re considering using GPS tracking for your soccer performance:

  • Choose a reputable brand known for accuracy like Catapult or STATSports
  • Start with basic stats like speed, distance, load monitoring
  • Slowly incorporate advanced metrics as understanding grows
  • Use software dashboards tailored for your needs
  • Keep cost in mind – advanced systems get pricey
  • Train staff on interpreting and applying data insights
  • Consider privacy and ethical concerns
  • Emphasize positives like progress tracking rather than shortcomings

GPS vests provide unmatched visibility into player performance. Soccer is leading the data analytics revolution in sports. While some kinks are still being worked out, the benefits appear to heavily outweigh any negatives.

Final Word

The article discussed the reasons behind soccer players wearing sports bras.

Several factors were highlighted. In essence, soccer players wear these bras as they come equipped with GPS technology for analyzing their performance data, which, in turn, helps them enhance their overall gameplay.

However, why bras and not something else?

The creator of this technology could have used any other item to hold the GPS, but instead, chose to have players wear bras.

Well, those bras are truly comfortable and lightweight. Players can wear it and still be agile and execute all the movements on the pitch.

So, it’s perfect to hold that piece of GPS on the back.

Plus, when you create something, you have the freedom to design it the way you want and people are free to like it or not.

This GPS is very useful for overall performance. It is not just how fit or how your performances are, but it’s having the discipline and how you prepare mentally and physically.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

Now that you know why soccer players wear sports bras, would you wear them as well?

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  1. Thanks for the information. I started seeing this bras trend a couple of months ago and I had no idea why players were wearing them

    • Hey, Matthew. I am glad the article was helpful. Yes, soccer players have been wearing bras for more than a year now. And this trend is growing

  2. Hi,

    Great article!

    Global Positioning System or GPS has brought about a sea change in the way sports are played and improved. It enables athletes to track their progress and improve their performance. There are various ways GPS can be used in sports.

    As you say, GPS tracking gives instant feedback on an athlete’s speed, location, and direction. This information can help athletes adjust their training programs to achieve better results. Coaches can also use GPS data to improve their team’s performance by seeing how different players perform together.

    GPS devices can also be used to measure an athlete’s heart rate and performance while playing a particular sport. This data can be used to optimize training regimes, prevent injuries, and assess the athlete’s overall physical condition.

  3. Hi Warren,

    Great article about the soccer sports bra. I had started getting into soccer (suppose I should call it football) a few years ago and thought immediately that these items were just bras. But shortly thereafter I found out that it was used to track the players performance and thought that these were genius. As a Data Analyst myself, there’s no denying the impact that ‘Big Data’ is providing in every facet of life. Seeing this implemented only makes sense to keep athletes from being over played and making tactical decisions during games. If I was a player, I’d definitely wear one. Thank you for providing your insight to this, it was informational!

    • Hi, Dereck. I am glad you have been enlightened by the article.

      Many things are improving in the world of sports. Those soccer bras are the future and I believe, by 2024, all soccer players, from amateur to professional will wear bras.

      Plus, they don’t cost much. So, even a player from a low division could get one and track his performances on the pitch.

  4. Hello Warren,
    Your title was very catchy when I saw it in search results so I just had to read your article. I wondered was to prevent chaffing, but now reading the GPS tracking this makes perfect sense.

    As a lover of sports I have also noticed the athletes wear them in professional rugby union and also Australian Rules Football. So its common amongst the elite sports and the GPS data is invaluable. There’s so many coaching staff to analyse and improve the players performance these days. Not like the old days!
    Great article!

    • Thanks for stopping by, John.

      As you said, athletes from other sports wear bras as well. It is becoming more and more popular in the world of sport


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