Should Soccer Players Wear Helmets? (Answered!)

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Should soccer players wear helmets?

In American football(NFL), players wear helmets because of the high intensity and aggressivity of the games. But, what about soccer?

In this article, you are going to find out whether soccer players should wear helmets or not.

Let’s get started.

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Should Soccer Players Wear Helmets?

No, soccer players should not wear helmets. Wearing helmets is only necessary to protect the head. However, the only thing that really needs to be protected in soccer is the players’ feet. Therefore, there is no need to wear helmets.

Also, the majority of soccer players care a lot about their image on TV and they like to show their new hairstyle to the world while playing. So, wearing a helmet wouldn’t allow them to do that.

Could you imagine Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi wearing a helmet?

Plus, as mentioned earlier, wearing helmets are necessary for NFL. This is because this game involves obstructing, pulling and holding other players to try to get the ball from them.

Should soccer players wear helmets - NFL player holding another player

So, it’s not difficult to get disfigured.

However, in soccer, the only way to get the ball from other players is to use your feet and tackle them. In this case, there is a need for a shin guard rather than a helmet.

Later in this article, you are going to see in which scenario soccer players could consider wearing a helmet.

But, what about the goalie? Outfield players are using their feet to get the ball and the goalie their hands. Does it mean goalkeepers should wear helmets?

Should Pro Soccer Goalies Wear Helmets?

Should pro soccer goalies wear helmets? Well, the answer is still no. Although keepers are more likely to wear helmets than outfield players, they don’t for the simple reason that it will make them feel uncomfortable.

Although some of those helmets are made of plastic, especially in Ruby, they can still be uncomfortable for some goalies and affect their movements negatively.

Imagine wearing a helmet and trying to stop a soccer ball from entering the goal. Do you now see how uncomfortable it can be?

Well, that’s how goalies might feel if they were to wear helmets.

However, there has been one exception in the past years. Petr Cech was the only well-known keeper to wear a helmet.

Should soccer players wear helmets - Petr Cech

He was wearing it because he has suffered from head injuries in the past. So, this helmet was protecting him whenever he was playing. Cech retired in 2019.

But, when you look at Cech helmet, it clearly looks comfier than the helmets football players wear in NFL.

This is why Cech has been able to play and deliver outstanding performances for years during his entire career. That helmet wasn’t annoying to him.

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Should You Wear Helmets To Protect Your Skull When Playing Soccer?

If you are scared of playing because you could be hurt in the head, then you shouldn’t play in the first place.

Wearing a helmet will harm your movements, reduce your ability to shoot the ball and run on the pitch. So, you wouldn’t be able to use your full potential.

1-Wearing Helmets Will Harm Your Movements

By wearing a helmet, you will lose your ability to move perfectly on the pitch.

Soccer is a game that goes fast. If you are not able to move well, your opposing players will have an advantage over you.

Plus, one of the main keys as a soccer player is how well you move on the pitch. So, wearing a helmet won’t be in your favour.

2-Wearing A Helmet Will Reduce Your Ability To Shoot The Ball

Once again, it is all about comfort.

Whenever you have the ball 30 meters from the opposing goalie, you can attempt to score a goal. But could you perfectly adjust your shot with a helmet on your head?

Well, the helmet will reduce your chances to execute a perfect strike and score a goal from that distance.

3-Wearing A Helmet Will Reduce Your Ability To Run

If you can’t move properly and shoot the ball, now imagine running on the pitch.

Keep in mind that it’s easier for players to run with the ball in NFL than in soccer.

In NFL, players must run with the ball in their hands.

However, in soccer, players must run with the ball on their feet. So, there is a huge difference. It is more difficult to run with the ball on your feet, especially when an opposing player is chasing you to try to get the ball from you.

But, what if soccer players decide to wear helmets? Why should they wear helmets?

In the next part of this article, let’s see why soccer players could consider wearing a helmet.

Soccer Players Should Wear Helmets

Soccer players should consider wearing helmets only if they are made of lightweight plastic and do not cover the entire head.

This is the only option where soccer players should consider wearing helmets as it will not reduce their movements on the pitch as much as helmets players wear for NFL.

This type of helmet can be found mostly in Rugby in Europe.

Should soccer players wear helmets - Rugby players

Final Word

This article was all about whether soccer players should wear helmets or not. And as you already know, they shouldn’t.

Wearing helmets will make players from all levels feel uncomfortable and will reduce their potential on the pitch.

With that in mind, could you still wear a helmet and play soccer?

But if you like to experiment with things, maybe you should try to wear a helmet and play a soccer game and see how it goes. Then you could share your experience with others.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

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4 thoughts on “Should Soccer Players Wear Helmets? (Answered!)”

  1. Very interesting article.
    I have never thought that wearing a helmet for soccer can end up causing many limitations.
    I also do not think helmets should be put on because they can end up making you uncomfortable and reduce your abilities as you also said.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the article. When we play soccer, we want to be as comfortable as possible to make a lot of movements. But, if we start wearing helmets, we can not achieve that comfort, unfortunately. That’s why it’s preferable to play without it

  2. I think if there was a rule brought in to make soccer players wear helmets, they would all give up. Because, as you say, they are all really interested in showing their ‘cool hair.’ ha ha

    I played soccer for any years, and no, we never wore helmets. As you say, it’s the feet and shins that need protecting in soccer, not the head!



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