Is 17 Too Late To Become A Footballer? (Fully Answered)

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Is 17 too late to become a footballer?

Before answering that question, note that Soccer/Football or whatever you call it in your country is the most popular sport in the world.

Millions of people love this sport. Plus, some footballers have come from far to become the best in the world. This was because they started early and worked hard to reach a certain level.

But is 17 too late to become a footballer? Can I start playing football at 17? 25 maybe? What exactly is the age limit for football players?

These are the questions many people tend to ask.

Today, I am going to tell you exactly what age I think is too late to become a footballer and the best age to start playing.

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Is 17 Too Late To Become A Footballer?

If you are 17 years old and would like to become a footballer, the good news is it is not too late for you. At 17 years old, you can start gaining maturity, learn, and make it happen. But you will need focus, will, persistence, consistency and hard work to become a pro footballer.

Some of the good players out there started at the age of 17 and have been able to play in big teams.

If they were able to do it, so can you.

But, do you want to start learning football at 17, or do you want to be a pro at 17?

Let’s explore both ideas.

1- I Want To Start Learning Football At 17

If your goal is to start learning football at 17, well, you can still do it.

But you are going to need to work as hard as possible.

Also, ask yourself the question: “What am I good at?”

Asking those questions will help you find out your skills.

Are you fast enough? Do you have a powerful shot when you kick the ball? Can you dribble? You must have played in your area with your friends, so you should know that.

Answering those questions will help you find your most powerful skills and hopefully your position on the pitch.

Plus, Are you passionate about football? How do you feel when you are playing or touching the ball?

If you are happy and excited when you are playing, if you miss classes to play football, you are passionate about it. Therefore, you should start learning and playing to improve and become a pro.

2-I Want To Be A Pro At 17

If you already know how to play football and would like to be a pro at 17, it is still possible.

First of all, the hard truth is that becoming a pro will depend on where you live. Let me explain.

There are some parts of the world where no matter how good young football players are, they don’t have a chance to make it pro because of the conditions.

As a matter of fact, I have seen young great players in Africa, for instance, as good as they were, ended up doing different things and give up on football due to the lack of encouragement and amenities.

However, if you live in Europe or the USA where you can easily get noticed and pushed, things might be easier for you.

In these types of places, succeeding as a footballer entirely depends on you.

So, you have to give everything it takes to make it. If you do it, you won’t have any regret in the end.

is 17 too late to become a footballer - young football players running after the ball

In the following section, I am going to provide you with some tips to make it happen.

Tips To Become A Pro At 17

As I mentioned earlier, you have to give yourself what it takes to become a pro at 17. This involves:

  • Playing regularly in tournaments to get noticed.
  • Train at least 4 days a week.
  • Improve your weakest foot.
  • Be confident
  • Do everything you can so you don’t regret it after.
  • Once you are picked in a team, don’t disappoint yourself. Think about all that it took you to reach this level.

When Is It Too Late To Become A Footballer?

If you already know how to play football and have some skills, it’s not too late to find a team and become a footballer unless you are 30. 30 is the age where the body doesn’t respond like in your 20s. So, it would be difficult for you to play pro.

However, at 30 years old and older, you can still make it in a Sunday league.

So, do not be disappointed.

The Perfect Age To Start Playing Football

The perfect age to start playing football is 7 years old. At 7 years old, a kid can start learning all the fundamentals of football and grow up with it. This is why there are football academies.

If you are a dad or a mom and your kid is 7 years old, you can understand if he/she is passionate about football or not.

But do not force them to integrate into a football academy.

Do it only if the kid shows some interest in football.

A Little Back Story

I started playing football when I was just 5 years old.

I learned all the skills on the TV by watching football players such as Ronaldo(Brazilian). This is how I improved my game.

When I was 16, during a class game, there was a manager watching.

Of course, I had no idea about him.

But I played really well that day to the point that he came to see me after the game and asked me: “Do you play in a team?” I said No, I don’t. Then he told me: “Well, stay here and you will train with us”.

Imagine my happiness to have been noticed that day…

I am not trying to brag, but I want you to know that the same thing can happen to you.

So, my advice is to go out there and play every game as if it were the last.

You never know who can be watching.

Final Word

17 is definitely not too ate to become a footballer. And I have perfectly explained why.

All you need is to work hard, be consistent, have confidence that you can do it.

Are you 17 years old? What skills do you have? Where are you from? Do you think you have what it takes to become a footballer?

Let me know in the comment section below.

14 thoughts on “Is 17 Too Late To Become A Footballer? (Fully Answered)”


    • Hi, OZOANI. Thanks for reaching out.

      I know what it feels like to be a talented football player in Africa.

      Unfortunately, this continent lacks of several amenities to allow young talents to go pro…

      You are only 17. So, you’re still young. My advice is, keep pushing. Don’t give up. Go to different teams for tests. Give Everything during the trials. Hopefully, you’ll get picked and start your pro journey… If you still perform from level to higher level, you might be seen by agents that could literally find teams for you in Europe…

      Another advice I have for you is, if you have some savings, try to move to Europe for tourism or apply for studies. Once you’re there, find a team and show them your talent. If you’re good enough, your life is gonna change…

      I wish you all the best my friend.


  2. Hi I’m 17 from Nigeria. And i have speed but i believe i can make it. If u sing me to any club i will be very grateful. And if u can run can u be at center forward (CF)?

    • Hi, Rukeme.

      It’s good you believe that you can make it. This is how all 17 years old people should think. I like your confidence, this is what determines a great player. A great example is Cr7.

      Unfortunately, I cannot sign you. But, I can provide you with tips to help you make it pro. Use the contact form in the menu above to get in touch with me.

      As for the last question, yes, if you can run and have a lot of speed, this is a huge advantage as a centre forward. But don’t just rely on your speed. Also, make sure you have a good passing and shooting ability and vision to play as a centre forward.

      Let me know if you need anything else.

  3. I have never played football in my life and I once had the opportunity to start playing but I declined it and I regret it ever since, Is it still too late for me to become a football player? and would it be too late to want to become a professional one?
    As I have come to realise I really want to become one but I just dont know what direction to go in to start

    • Hi, Is it too late for you to become a football player?

      Well, first of all, I guess you are 17, otherwise you wouldn’t land on this article. So, to answer your question, no, it is not too late for you to become a football player as long as you have some skills and determination.

      However, if you want to make it pro, this is something different. Let me first tell you that it is not impossible. Plus, Do you have what it takes to be a pro? What position do you play?

      If you really want to make it pro, I would advise you to start playing in your neighbourhood first and see how it goes. You said you have never played before. So, it is important to start playing with your friends and allow them to judge you.

      If you have what it takes, then go to a football academy for trials.

      It is all about hard work and determination.

      Good luck.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  4. Hi, I’m Tommy from Zambia an African country. I am 17 years old and just recently started loving football more than any other time in my life and wish to play in the premier league one day. The thing is I’ve never been at a football academy or played any trials, and my football skills aren’t good. Is it too late to achieve my goal?

    • Hey, Tommy. Thanks for stopping by.

      Nothing is impossible in life. You are 17 and you have never been to a football academy. Well, the first thing you should think about is to join an academy.

      The football academy will allow you to show yourself to the people in your local area and hopefully, be recruited by scouts if you have what it takes. After that, if you can make it to the first division, a nice agent might notice you and make your premier league dream possible, who knows?

      Plus, you mentioned that your skills aren’t good. So, you should also think of improving your skills. To do it, you have to play in your area with your friends and tell them to tell you what you are missing and need to improve. Take the critics without getting furious. This will help you improve.

      Remember, hard work always pays off.

      So, give yourself what it takes and make it happen.

      In conclusion, it’s not too late to achieve your goal

  5. Hey i am Felix from kenya a good dribbler and i love playing football,I am 17 and willing to play for one of the top clubs in europe .Can i get there?

    • Hi, Felix. Of course, you can get there as long as you have the determination and you put in the work. It’s not too late. So, go make it happen


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