Why Do Football Players Take Their Medals Off? (Answered!)

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Why do football players take their medals off?

Before answering that question, keep in mind that Football/Soccer is a sport full of emotions. Every player or team has the desire to win trophies and medals, and write history. Unfortunately, there is always a winner and a loser.

During any competition final, players from the defeated team tend to always take their medals off.

Today, we are going to answer the question “Why do football players take their medals off?”.

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Why Do Football Players Take Their Medals Off?

Why do football players take their medals off - soccer/football players awaiting to receive their medals after a final game

Football players do take their medals off due to the deception. Every football player plays to win. But when they have not been able to do so, the amount of deception lead them to take off their medals because they consider they could have done better and coming second is not something to celebrate. For them, there is no pride in wearing that medal.

For example, during the 2020 European Cup that took place in June 2021, England vs Italy was the final. Italy finally won it in the penalty shootout…

Italy was then rewarded with the trophy and the gold medal.

However, England was left with the silver one.

As you can imagine, the majority of England players took their medals off and others even declined to wear them.

Although this has been criticized by fans who think removing the medal is poor sportsmanship, others do not think the same.

But why did England take their medals off, really?

In fact, England was playing the final at home. So, losing in front of your supporters can be a huge disappointment. This feeling of frustration to take their medals off straight away is perfectly understandable.

We can also talk about Man City players who took their medals off after losing in the UEFA Champions League final vs Chelsea.

Should Players Be Criticized For Taking Their Medals Off?

I don’t think players should be criticized for expressing their deception even though this involves taking their medal off.

Football players are human beings with emotions just like you and I. They have a big vision and always aim for excellence. They have a long journey from the group stages to the final. Those players play for their families, their fans, and mostly for themselves.

So, being so close to winning the gold and the trophy and then losing it can have a psychological impact on their lives.

So, they don’t deserve to be blamed for taking their medals off.

Football is full of ups and downs. You may not win today, but tomorrow you will.

Hence, it is important to keep your head up and always move forward and fight for your dreams.

Messi has lost so many finals with his national team and could not win anything. But, after several attempts, he finally managed to win a major trophy with the national team during the 2020 Copa America.

Which Players Receive A Medal?

A medal is given to each player from teams participating in a final. Whether the team has won or lost a final, the medal is going to be given to each player, coach and staff included.

The staff is part of the team and therefore, deserve a medal for the job they do in the background.

It would not be fair to only give medals to the 11 players on the pitch.

What Do Football Players Do With Medals They Received?

After receiving a medal, a player may decide to keep it in their museum if they have one, at home, or they might decide to give it to charity.

Some players have museums where they collect trophies and awards they won. A great example is C.Ronaldo who has his own Museu in Funchal, Portugal.

What would you do if you won a medal? Would you keep it, give it as a souvenir to someone you like, or would you sell it?

I am curious to know. So, answer in the comment section below.

How Does The Medal System Work In Major Football/Soccer Competitions?

In the Champions League, European Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup, only gold and silver medals are given to the winner and the defeated team in the final.

However, in the FIFA World Cup, Copa America, and Africa Cup of Nations, three medals are given: Gold, silver and bronze.

This is because those competitions have a third-place match that takes place between the teams that have been defeated in the semi-finals.

For instance, during the 2020 Copa America, Brazil defeated Peru in the first semi-final and Argentina defeated Colombia in the second one to reach the final.

In this case, Colombia played against Peru for the third-place game.

Now, if you want to know why there isn’t a fourth medal, well, this is how the system has been set. Plus, even in the Olympics, the same system is applied, only three medals are given.

Anyways, this includes all sports in the world.

Final Thoughts

As you learned from this article, football players take their medals off due to the deception and they believe that coming second is not something to celebrate.

This feeling is normal because they are human beings with emotions.

Blaming them for taking their medals off is disrespect for those athletes who give so much on the pitch for their fans.

If you play football, you should know how devastating it is to lose a simple game. Now imagine losing a final.

That feeling does not only take place with professionals. Sunday league players feel the same after losing.

I hope this article has enlightened you about why football players take their medals off.

Would you take your medal off if you were losing a finale?

If you have any questions, consider leaving them in the comment section below.

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      You also have to understand that they are humans just like you and me. So, they have feelings and emotions.

      But I still do agree with you that they should be proud of their journey and what they have accomplished to reach the final

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