What Skills Does A Forward Need In Soccer?

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What skills does a forward need in soccer?

Playing as a forward requires several skills that every forward should master to dominate the game.

Forward players are the most famous players in a team because they are the ones creating goal-scoring opportunities for their team and also because of the amazing skills most of them have.

In this article, you are going to find out the main skills forwards need in soccer.

What Skills Does A Forward Need In Soccer?

  • Forwards have to be good finishers
  • Passing the ball properly
  • Long distance shots
  • The double stepover
  • The roulette
  • Body feint city

1-Good Finishers In Front Of The Goals

Scoring goals is the main skill forwards are required to master.

The main role of a forward is to score goals and create goal-scoring opportunities for their team. So, as a forward, you have to be a clinical finisher in front of the goals. Remember, if a team doesn’t manage to score one or more goals in a game, it means the forwards have failed to do their job.

With that being said, you have to practice on your finishing. It doesn’t matter whether you are a striker, winger, or attacking midfielder, you have to know how to score goals.

2-Passing The Ball

The pass is the most important skill to master in soccer. This is why it is the first thing to learn in a soccer academy.

If you are not able to score, you have to be able to assist a teammate.

As a forward, mastering the art of passing the ball can give you several assists in a game and the entire season.

Have you ever heard the saying “The best playing style is to pass the ball”?

Well, that’s true.

Although it is easy to pass a soccer ball, bear in mind that many amateur players have difficulties in doing it.

As a forward, you should master short and long passing.

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3-Long Distance Shots

As a forward who is hungry for goals, you have to take your responsibilities at any distance. This involves striking from anywhere on the pitch.

Some players may not have a powerful shot, but at least they should have the right technique to shoot a ball. Most of the time, it is all about technique rather than power.

If you have the right technique, you can hit the ball from 35-45 yards and score a goal. This is very important if you are facing very compact and tight defenses.

Remember, it is not always going to be easy to get into the opposing box. So, you have to learn to strike from a long distance.

For example, Barcelona used to only enter the opposing box to score goals. But, many teams understood this and made sure to not give them easy access anymore. Then, it became more difficult for Barcelona to score.

Today, Barcelona players take a shot from any distance thanks to Xavi(coach) who brought up this new identity.

Plus, most coaches like players who take their chances from any distance.

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4-The Double Stepover

what skills does a forward need in soccer - Coman doing a stepover to a defender

As a forward, you are going to face amazing defenders. But you have to be able to get rid of them one-on-one. This involves mastering the double stepover as well.

Although this is not the only dribble technique to get rid of defenders, it can be very powerful when done right.

When you are doing a double stepover, the defender can be confused because he/she doesn’t know the direction you will take. It is quite difficult for defenders to understand the movement.

This is why we can see professional players using the double stepover and easily eliminating defenders.

5-The Roulette

You don’t necessarily have to master this skill, but it can be a powerful tool to use in a game. This technique is great to eliminate defenders and also for the spectacle. As you surely know, fans love to watch tricks and see players humiliating others on the pitch.

When you are doing a roulette, there are two possible outcomes: either the defender will take you down and commit a foul or you are simply going to beat them.

The roulette can be used by both feet. So, if you turn right with the first defender, you can turn the other way with the next defender and use the other foot. Just make sure you get your body right into the defenders so they can not see the ball.

If you do it too far away from defenders, they are going to read your movements and therefore, take the ball from you.

6-Body Feint City

what skills does a forward need in soccer - Body feint

This skill is very important and efficient when your teammate is passing you the ball at your feet and the defender is right behind you.

In this scenario, if you run straight to the ball, the defender can defend you easily. But the body feint doesn’t allow him to predict where or if you are going to turn.

Remember, the defender wants to keep you and the ball in front of them. So, doing those body feints, makes things more complicated for them.

By doing a body feint, you can send the defender away to the left or right and take the opposite direction to turn and face the goalie. This is a powerful technique to use when the defender is right behind you.

Final Word

At the end of the day, you have to be the one to train to be able to pull up those moves in a game. But as a soccer player, you have to learn to be unpredictable. Learning these moves is about having mastery of the ball. Without it, you won’t be able to score and surprise defenders.

This article was all about forward skills needed in soccer.

There are many more skills, but the ones listed in this article are the main skills every forward should master.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

What is your favourite skill in soccer? Let me know in the comment section below.

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