What Is A Juggle In Soccer? A Perfect Beginner Guide

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What is a juggle in soccer?

Before answering that question, keep in mind that Juggling has always been an important part of learning how to handle the ball at a younger age.

Some can easily juggle, while others find it difficult.

But, what is juggling in soccer and why is it so important to master it?

Do you want to find out? Well, keep on reading…

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What Is A Juggle In Soccer?

Being able to Juggle is one of the most fundamental elements soccer players should work on at the youngest age. Juggling not only helps players become more comfortable with the ball by developing touch and technique, but it can also help improve agility, balance and coordination.

Now, if you want to know whether it is possible to be a good soccer/football player without knowing how to juggle, the answer is YES!

But you will lack some skills.

For instance, you might not know how to perfectly control a ball, which is one of the most important elements in soccer.

This is why every soccer amateur/player should learn how to juggle a ball.

This is one of the first things you are going to learn in a soccer/football academy.

Does Juggling A Soccer Ball Improve Dribbling?

Yes, juggling a soccer ball improves dribbling. Juggling will help you master the ball and make it your friend. By mastering the ball, you can dribble and do whatever you want the ball to do. Players like Neymar or Ronaldinho are great at dribbling because they can perfectly juggle the ball.

You can also read, the purpose of dribbling in soccer.

Why Is Juggling Important?

Here are some benefits of juggling a soccer ball so you know how important it is:

  • Juggling will help you create a strong foundation of soccer skills,
  • It will help you develop a nice touch on the ball,
  • The ability to keep the ball gently,
  • It can help you focus and concentrate to keep your eyes on the ball closely.
  • Learning to balance while your feet are busy controlling the ball
  • And it will teach you to be two-footed.

Now, let’s see why some people find it difficult to juggle a soccer ball.

Why Is Juggling A Soccer Ball So Hard For Some?

A lot of people find it hard to juggle a soccer ball because they use their toes while juggling, and they don’t challenge themselves enough.

It is important to juggle using the top of your feet and not your toes. Although you might be able to do a lot of kick-ups while juggling with your toes, it is not going to help you in other aspects of the game.

Once you can juggle the ball, make it more challenging for you by kicking it up higher, preferably head high while juggling.

5 Soccer Juggling Tips For Beginners

1- To master juggling completely, your weak foot touch needs to be as strong as your strong foot touch. Train both feet equally.

2- As shown in the pic below, do the same thing with your weak foot until every touch goes straight back up into your hands without you moving them.

what is a juggle in soccer - A player standing and  about to juggle a soccer ball

Once you feel comfortable with that, you can disregard the hands and start juggling until the ball falls off the ground.

3- Do not touch the ball too high or too low. Kicking the ball too high will increase the risk of you losing the ball. Kicking it too low will make you lose it too. Getting the right height might be difficult in the beginning, but once you manage to find the right spot, juggling will be easier.

4- Manage your posture while juggling. Make sure you are comfortable enough to juggle without falling down-Especially when juggling with one leg.

5- It is important to relax and focus on the ball the whole time.

Can Juggling Make You Smarter On The Pitch?

Yes, juggling can make you smarter. Juggling a ball improves ball control. However, if you master the art of controlling the ball, you can become smarter on the pitch.

But, what does it mean to be smarter on the pitch?

Being smarter on the pitch means taking the right decisions. This involves knowing to pass or shoot the ball at the right moment. It also means being smart in your movements with the ball. For example, when you are facing a defender, knowing how to juggle can give you the ability to think fast and the courage to execute your movements perfectly to beat the defender.

How Long Does It Take To Master Juggling?

You can master juggling in one, two or three weeks, depending on your capacity to learn.

You don’t have to practise every day.

Three times per week should be perfect. From 20-30 minutes.

Remember, practice makes perfect.

Freestyle vs Soccer Players

You have probably seen many freestyles performing in the streets.

Freestyle is an activity where those who perform it use all their body parts to perform tricks with a ball.

It started a couple of years ago and is increasing in popularity.

Today, we see several freestyle tournaments taking place all over the world.

The winner is the one with the most impressive skills.

Keep in mind that most freestyle performers are not good on a soccer pitch. You might be impressed by their tricks with a ball, but if you put them on the pitch and ask them to play, you might be disappointed by the outcome.

However, many soccer players can do what freestyle performers do with a ball. Ronaldinho, Cr7, and Neymar are perfect examples.

Final Thoughts

Juggling is an important element that should be mastered by every soccer player.

There are several benefits of juggling a soccer ball such as improving first touch, technique, balance, coordination and agility.

However you juggle a soccer ball, you could develop it in your way and your style.

Only reading and watching videos won’t help. All you have to do is to go out there and practice until you become a pro at juggling a soccer ball.

Hope you have gained value from this article.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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