Do Soccer Players Wear New Cleats Every Game?

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Do soccer players wear new cleats every game?

First, you have probably seen pro soccer players wearing different cleats for various games – You have also probably seen some players wearing the same soccer boots during multiple games.

But do players really wear new cleats every game or not?

This is what you are going to find out in this article.

Do Soccer Players Wear New Cleats Every Game?

The majority of professional soccer players are required to wear new cleats every game. Players sign contracts that allow them to wear the latest boots on the market. They can also decide to wear the older ones if they feel like the new ones could affect their performance negatively on the pitch.

This is why you would often see some players wearing new cleats and others sticking to the old ones. They feel more comfortable wearing old cleats because they have been wearing them for a long time and feel like those old cleats bring them luck.

For example, Tony Kroos has been wearing the same white and blue Adidas Adipure 11 pro for several years now and doesn’t seem to want to get rid of them.

Do Soccer Players Wear New Cleats Every Game - Tony Kroos Holding his cleats

Guess what? In effect, Adidas stopped making this boots model a couple of years ago. But this doesn’t stop Kroos from wearing them.

And now, Adidas is making this model only for him.

He stated a few years ago that his soccer cleats are the most important things when he goes on the pitch.

Well, he probably feels more comfortable taking a corner with them than any other cleats.

Pro Players Get Custom Made Cleats

Something you should know is that a lot of pro soccer players get custom made boots that are shaped to their feet.

It is different than going to a store and getting a new cleat that you have to try and make sure it fits you well.

But even though those boots are already adjusted to players’ feet, time is still needed to get used to wearing and feeling them.

Every soccer cleat has an adjustment period. So, when a player gets a new cleat, likely, they won’t wear it to a game without experiencing it in training first.

If a player is set to launch a brand new cleat colour for an upcoming game, he will wear that boot in training before wearing it in an official game.

This is why it’s difficult for those brands to launch something on a matchday without everyone knowing it.

Those players need to wear those cleats at least once to have a better idea of how it feels on their feet before the matchday.

Do Soccer Cleats Make A Difference?

Yes, soccer cleats can make a great difference for players wearing them.

This is why it’s very important to pick the right soccer cleats whether you are a beginner or a pro.

The right soccer cleats will make you more comfortable on the pitch, allow you to have better ball control and runs, and allow you to stay on your feet.

You can get fabulous and comfortable soccer cleats here.

How Do Soccer Players Pick Their Boots?

The majority of pro soccer players are paid to wear a specific brand of boots. The reason why brands are willing to pay so much for players to wear them is that there are a lot of eyes on those players.

Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. Every brand would love their product to be used by a pro soccer player because of it.

For instance, more people would like to wear a Mercurial if Cristiano Ronaldo is wearing it.

But, how do pro soccer players decide on which brand they are going to sign with?

The answer is simple: 99% of the time, pro soccer players sign with whatever brand is willing to pay them the most amount of money.

What If You Sign With A Brand But Don’t Like Their Boots?

Well, most of those huge brands tend to be pretty accommodating.

If you are a very famous athlete and want a custom variation of a shoe that is made to feel like something you like, they would do that for you.

A lot of players have customized their cleats. For example, C.Ronaldo, Marcelo, Messi, Neymar and so on.

Most people wouldn’t probably notice this customization and think they can get the same in the stores, but they can’t.

Why do Some Players Switch From One Brand To Another?

It is always controversial when a big name player switches from one brand to another, but it has already happened.

For example, Paul Pogba switched from Nike to Adidas.

But why?

Well, Pogba was playing for Juventus, who, at the time, was wearing Nike kits. Then, he made a transfer to Manchester United, which is now under the Adidas brand.

So, it would make more sense to have a big name player like Pogba wearing their brand new Adidas Manchester United kit, so they can market all in one.

There is more value now for Pogba to wear Adidas now than it would have been with Nike. So, it’s all about value.

Final Word

How often do soccer players switch out their cleats? Well, this varies from player to player. Comfort is a very subjective thing and only you can feel what a cleat feels like on you.

Some pro footballers can stick with a cleat for two months before wearing a new one. Others prefer to wear new cleats every game.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

If you could afford to buy several cleats, would you wear a new one every game or would you just stick with one until you are tired of it?

How is your current cleat right now? Do you like it? Do you feel like getting a new one?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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