Why Do Soccer Players Cut Their Socks?

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Why do soccer players cut their socks?

First off, you must have noticed that most pro soccer players wear their socks differently than the majority of amateur players.

In effect, pro soccer players are given traditional pair of socks to wear. However, most of them choose to break up their socks into something specific.

In this article, you are going to find out the main reason why pro players cut their socks.

Let’s get started.

Why Do Soccer Players Cut Their Socks?

Soccer players choose to cut their socks to have comfort, consistency, better grips and balance. In effect, traditional knee-high socks don’t fit well, they are constantly sliding down, and they are not comfortable.

So, comfort is the main reason why soccer players cut their socks.

We all want to wear something comfortable when we are playing soccer.

By having something comfortable, you are not only going to feel your movements, but also have better runs.

Some pro players still wear traditional knee-high socks without cutting them, but that’s their choice. Each player wears what they feel most comfortable with.

Let’s dig deeper into why traditional socks are not comfortable.

Why Traditional Socks Are Not So Comfortable?

Although traditional socks that are given to pro soccer players are high quality, some players still choose to cut their socks. But, why?

Well, the majority of traditional socks are not so comfortable because they don’t fit your feet very well, there is a lot of extra materials, and they keep sliding down.

If you usually play soccer and wear those traditional long socks, you would notice that they tend to slide down a lot. This means you have to constantly adjust it, and it can be frustrating.

It has happened to the majority of us on the pitch.

This is why the majority of players choose to cut their socks.

But, why is cutting your socks the bet thing to do?

Why Cutting Your Socks Is The Ideal Thing To Do?

Cutting your socks is the ideal thing to do because short socks fit your feet well and most importantly, they stay in place.

Remember, traditional socks tend to slide down. So, having a short one will prevent this.

Also, cutting your socks is the cheapest thing to do if you don’t want to buy grip socks.

However, if you prefer to spend a couple of bucks for grip socks, the best place to get them is soccergarage.com.

You will find a variety and so much choices.

why do soccer players cut their socks - a blue pair of sock

When you look at the design of the short pair of sock above, there is a tension on the lower part of the ankle and the lower part of the calf.

If you pull them tight, they are going to maintain that tension significantly better than a traditional pair of socks.

Traditional socks tend to be wider and looser. This is why they slide down.

Do You Know Why Soccer Players Use Socks Tape?

You have probably seen players wearing their socks with a tape like in a image below.

why do soccer players cut their socks - someone taping his socks

Well, the main reason for this is to support the shinguard and hide the cut part.

You must probably wondering, what cut parts? Well, pro players choose to break up their socks into a crew sock and a sleeve.

why do soccer players cut their socks - removing the tape from the sock

So, they also tape their socks to hide the cut part as you can see from the image above.

But, how do you cut your socks?

Here is how you should cut and wear your socks:

  • Cut your long socks right below the ankle
  • Put on a sock of your preference(It could be a grip sock)
  • Put your newly cut team sock sleeve
  • Fix the whole thing in place with a sock tape as shown earlier.

Now you know how to cut and wear your socks.

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Final Word

At the end of this article, it should be remembered that soccer players cut their socks to have comfort, consistency, better grip and balance.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

How do you wear your socks? Do you prefer long or short ones? Do you tape them?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and I will get back to you ASAP.

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