Why Do Soccer Players Shave Their Legs? Easily Explained

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Last Updated: July 3, 2023

Do soccer players shave legs?

Many people say that soccer players shave their legs so that when they are tackling, the hair doesn’t get pulled on the grass. Some say that soccer players shave their legs because they wear socks and they don’t want to have hair under the socks. Others say that they shave their legs so that they can run faster.

In this article, you are once and for all going to find out whether soccer players shave legs or not. If they do so, why?

I am also going to provide you with answers to some other related questions you might have.

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Do Soccer Players Shave Their Legs?

Yes, soccer players often choose to shave their legs. Reasons include improved hygiene, easier wound care, enhanced performance, and personal preferences.

A lot of players get a massage of their legs several times a week. So, massaging legs without hair is much better.

Also, for tape reasons. A lot of players have to tape their ankles and legs due to injuries. They shave so that hair doesn’t get pulled when they’re being taped.

Another reason is soccer players just like their legs without hair. A lot of soccer players have muscular legs. So, if they shave their legs, that definition pops a bit more.

Although there are other reasons why players shave their legs, these are the main reasons.

Let’s have a more detailed explanation of why soccer players shave their legs, including several other reasons.


Every professional player needs a massage from time to time. This can be right before a game, after a game, or during the training sessions.

Massaging players’ legs is a crucial element to relax muscles and prevent injuries.

So, this is a good reason for players to shave their legs. Having hair during a massage can make you feel uncomfortable.


Professional soccer players tape their ankles all the time to avoid injuries.

Do you know what will happen if they don’t shave their legs? Well, it will result in them being hurt when trying to remove the tape.

If you have ever used tape for hair removal, you know how painful it is.

Well, removing the tape from an ankle or leg is the same. This is why players prefer to shave their legs to avoid such pain.

3-Some Players Prefer Legs Without Hair

Do soccer players shave legs - An Athlete running

Most soccer players prefer to see their legs without hair.

But, is it not a girl thing? Some will ask.

Well, shaving legs is not a girl thingTherere should not be any complexity about that. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are allowed to shave your legs if you desire to do it.

Also, note that some soccer players deal with advertising marketing with huge brands. This usually involves applying a cream or a gel on the body to show how efficient the product is. We have seen it several times with David Beckham.

So, because of this, those players need to constantly shave their legs and body.

Note that shaving legs also has a psychological impact on players.

4-Psychological factors:

Shaving the legs in soccer/football can have psychological benefits for players.

When they see their legs without hair, it enhances their body awareness and may boost their self-confidence.

Feeling lighter and more streamlined can provide players with a psychological edge, enhancing their performance and agility.

The psychological impact of leg shaving contributes to the overall mindset on the field.

5-Hygiene and cleanliness

Beyond personal preferences, hygiene and cleanliness play a significant role in why soccer players shave their legs.

By removing leg hair, players can prevent dirt, sweat, and bacteria from accumulating on their legs during games and training sessions.

This helps reduce the risk of skin infections and promotes a fresher and more comfortable playing experience.

Shaving the legs contributes to maintaining optimal hygiene standards on the field.

6-Injuries and wound care:

Soccer/football players often face minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, or blisters during games and training.

Shaving the legs simplifies wound care by allowing for easier cleaning and dressing of these injuries.

Hair-free legs minimize the risk of complications and promote faster healing.

So, by reducing potential obstacles during injury management, leg shaving supports players’ overall well-being and enables them to recover quickly.

A Little Back Story(How It Started)

This topic of soccer players shaving their legs got a lot of attention in 2017 when Marco Asensio suffered a little injury while shaving his legs.

Although it wasn’t anything too serious, it caused him to miss an important game.

Even before that game, Z. Zidane said that “Marco has a pimple on his leg which means he can’t lift his sock.”

This shows how important it is for a footballer to shave his legs.

Historical Perspective

The practice of leg shaving among soccer players has a rich historical background. It is believed to have originated several decades ago, with players gradually adopting this grooming habit.

While pinpointing the exact origin is challenging, the trend gained traction over time, potentially influenced by influential players or teams.

Gender and Societal perceptions

The practice of leg shaving in soccer challenges traditional gender norms and perceptions.

While historically associated with women, leg shaving has become a personal choice for both male and female players.

By embracing leg shaving, players challenge stereotypes and contribute to a more inclusive and accepting sporting environment.

How do Footballers Shave Their Legs?

Footballers may utilize various methods to shave their legs. Some commonly used techniques include:

1. Razor and shaving cream:

Many footballers opt for the traditional method of using a razor and shaving cream. They apply the cream to their legs and then use a sharp razor to carefully remove the hair from the desired areas. This method allows for precise control and a close shave.

2. Electric trimmers:

Electric trimmers offer a convenient and efficient way for footballers to trim and remove leg hair. These devices use oscillating blades or rotating heads to trim the hair down to a desired length. Electric trimmers are popular due to their ease of use and ability to quickly cover large areas.

3. Waxing:

Although less common due to the potential discomfort, some footballers may choose to wax their legs for longer-lasting results. Waxing involves applying warm or cold wax to the skin and swiftly removing it with the hair. This method provides a more extended period of smoothness but can be more time-consuming.

4. Depilatory creams:

Depilatory creams, also known as hair removal creams, offer a chemical-based solution to remove leg hair. Footballers apply these creams to their legs, allowing the chemicals to break down the hair’s structure. After a specified time, they wipe away the cream along with the dissolved hair, leaving the skin smooth.

5. Laser hair removal:

While not as common among all footballers, some may opt for professional laser hair removal treatments. This method involves using laser technology to target and destroy hair follicles, resulting in long-term hair reduction. Laser hair removal typically requires multiple sessions but can provide lasting results.

It is important to note that each footballer may have their preferred method of leg hair removal based on personal preference, convenience, and desired outcomes.

Do Footballers Have To Shave Their Legs?

Footballers don’t necessarily have to shave their legs. However, players who don’t shave their legs can have a small injury during a massage. And this injury can prevent them from playing for a few weeks and even end their careers. So, it’s always recommended to shavtoto avoid these unnecessary injuries.

Better safe than sorry. So, why not shave your legs and avoid any discomfort?

If you are playing in an amateur team/league where there is no care, you don’t have to shave your legs if it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Does Ronaldo Shave His Legs?

Just like most professional soccer players, C. Ronaldo shaves his legs. Although he does it to avoid injuries, he also shaves his legs because of his lucrative advertisement deals. Ronaldo signs many contracts with brands of footwear, deodorants, etc. And because of that, he has to keep his legs lean and clean for the photoshoot.

Now you have a better idea about whether or not soccer players shave their legs. But, what about their arms?

Do Soccer Players Shave Their Arms?

There is no valid reason to push a soccer player to shave their arms. Unlike legs that can be shaved to avoid multiple injuries, arms are much more different and don’t have to be shaved. Soccer players use their feet to play and not their arms.

Plus, they don’t get arms massages like their legs.

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Do Soccer Players Shave Armpits?

Unlike their arms, soccer players shave their armpits just like every single sportsman. Footballers or not, they are human beings. So, shaving armpits applies to them as well.

If you are a soccer player, amateur or not, are you shaving your armpits? I believe the answer is yes. So do players.

Final Thoughts

As you saw from this article, there are a lot of potential reasons for footballers to shave their legs as it can help with health as well as performance and advertisement.

But not all players do shave their legs. Some prefer their legs hairy.

Do soccer players shave legs - Two hairy legs and two legs without hair

Which one do you prefer?

At the end of the day, it is just a personal preference.

Are you a soccer player? Do you shave your legs before every game? How does it make you feel with or without hair? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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