Is Pushing Allowed In Soccer? All You Should Know

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Is pushing allowed in soccer?

Before answering that question, keep in mind that in soccer, football, or whatever you call it in your country, there tend to be a lot of fouls in a game, making the referee take a decision.

Those decisions occur after different types of fouls are committed.

Today, we are going to focus on pushing. Is pushing allowed in soccer, really? Pushing your opponent on the pitch, is necessarily considered bad behaviour?

This is what you are going to find out in this article. Plus, you will also have an answer to other related questions people frequently ask.

Let’s get started.

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Is pushing Allowed In Soccer?

Pushing is not and shouldn’t be allowed in a soccer game. Although some pushes are not strong enough to take a player down, it is still considered to be an anti-play as the offender is not trying to play the ball but preventing the opponent from getting to the ball.

However, is every push necessarily considered a foul in soccer? Let’s say you have mistakenly and slightly pushed an opposing player, will it be considered a foul by the referee?

Well, whether you are holding, pushing or pulling your adversary, no matter how slight it is, the referee will consider it a foul during a game. The rule is “Play the ball, not the man”.

Is Shoulder Push Allowed?

Shoulder-to-shoulder is absolutely allowed in football/soccer. When two players are struggling for the ball, it’s recommended to use the shoulders, this is legal and there is nothing wrong with that. However, shoulder push becomes a foul when the offender is pushing his opponent from the back and they are both not equally fighting for the ball.

Can You Score A Goal With The Shoulder?

Is pushing allowed in soccer - Balotelli scoring a goal with his shoulder

If you were to score a goal with your shoulder during a soccer game, it would be allowed. As mentioned earlier in this article, the shoulder is a part of the body that all soccer players should take advantage of. Many soccer players have scored goals with their shoulders.

A great example can be read on planet football with Mario Balotelli’s shoulder goal.

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Is Shirt Pulling Allowed In Soccer?

It is not allowed to pull a player’s shirt during a soccer game. In case you are pulling your opponent’s shirt during a game, a foul will be called by the referee and it might result in you receiving a yellow card. Sometimes, the referee may decide to let the game continue if and only if the ball holder is not destabilized. But when the ball is out, he will come back to you and give you a card.

If you are a defender and pull the opponent striker’s shirt in the box, even if it’s not enough to destabilize him/her, the referee might whistle a foul against you and award a penalty.

Why do some players pull shirts?

Well, this often happens when your opponent has been able to pick up speed on you. So, the best choice would be to pull his shirt before he reaches your box area.

You’ll probably take a card for that, but it’s a useful foul for the best of the team.

Also, remember, if you already have a yellow card, committing that foul(pulling, pushing or holding) will result in you having a red card.

So, if you are a defender, make sure to analyse each opposing striker before the game. Make sure to know their strengths and weaknesses and what they like to do with the ball. Knowing this will help you anticipate each moment during a game.

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What Is A Fair Charge In Soccer?

In soccer, we refer to fair charge when two players are trying to get control of the ball from the same distance, with each player being stable standing and shoulder-to-shoulder.

If all those criteria are met and one player is taken down, a foul will not be called as it is a fair charge.

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What Happens If A Soccer Player Touches The Ball With His Hands?

If a soccer player touches the ball on purpose with his hands during a game, a foul will be called and the offender is going to get a yellow card. If the ball hits his hands intentionally, the referee might decide to call a foul or not depending on the position of the hand.

For example, if the defender has his hand attached to his body and the ball hits this part of the body intentionally, there is no foul.

However, if the defender’s hand is detached from the body and the ball hits it, there is a clear foul.

What Happens If A Soccer Player Touches The Ball With His Hands?

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What Can You Not Do In Soccer/On The Pitch?

Here is a list of some of the things you can’t do in soccer:

  • In soccer, you cannot touch the ball with your hands unless you are the goalkeeper or during a throw-in.
  • You can’t spit on another player.
  • You can’t punch your opponent.
  • It’s not allowed to insult or push the referee.
  • You can not fight in soccer.
  • Don’t contest a referee decision.

Final Thoughts

Pushing your opponent is not allowed during a soccer game. It doesn’t matter whether it’s happening inside the box or outside.

However, a lot of players do it during games as a sacrifice for their team. They do it to prevent the opponent from creating a chance to score a goal.

However, a shoulder push is perfectly legal and allowed if both players are equally struggling for the ball. It is called shoulder to shoulder.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

What is your favourite type of fouls? How often do you sacrifice for your team? Share your ideas and experiences in the comment section.

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