What Is The Slowest Position In Soccer? Top 3

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What is the slowest position in soccer?

Before answering that question, keep in mind that soccer players run for 90 minutes on the pitch during a game. However, some players run more than others and some positions can be slower than others.

Maybe you love to play soccer but you are not fast enough or you don’t like to run a lot, and now you want to have a better idea of what position will suit you. Or maybe you are just curious to know.

Well, in this article, you are going to find out my top 3 of the slowest positions in soccer.

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What Is The Slowest Position In Soccer?

Here are the top 3 of the slowest positions on a soccer pitch:

1-The Goalie

The goalkeeper is the slowest position in soccer. The goalie doesn’t need to run all over the pitch like the 10 other players. All a goalkeeper needs is to stay in the penalty box and catch every ball that arrives at them. The goalkeeper is not required to be a fast player.

Plus, from all the positions in soccer, the goalie is the one that runs the least. A goalie can even spend an entire game without running. Yeah, you heard that right.

This is because, if a team dominates the entire game, it’s obvious that their goalie won’t have much to do during the game.

Sometimes, a goalie would run outside of the box for two main reasons:

A/To catch a long ball or pass coming to the opposing striker

Sometimes, a striker may receive a pass and run behind the defense to face the goalie. In this case, if the ball is too long to catch up, the goalie will run and try to get the ball before the striker and save his team.

A great and recent example is during the Africa Cup Of Nations(AFCON) that took place in 2022. During the semi-final game between Cameroon vs Egypt, M.Salah ran to try to reach a long ball and face the Cameroonian goalie. But the goalie anticipated and ran out of the box to deny M.Salah from reaching the ball first.

What is the slowest position in soccer - Salah vs Onama

This example shows that it’s also good to have a fast goalie to be useful in this type of circumstances.

B/During The Last Minute kick Of The Game

The second reason that might lead a goalkeeper outside of his box is when his team is losing and they are trying to equalize or win the game.

We often see a last-minute corner-kick where the goalie goes to help his team and bring that high number.

Some goalies have even scored goals this way.

The perfect example to illustrate this is Alisson Becker during a premier league game between Liverpool vs West Brom. Alisson scored a header off a corner kick to win the game.

2-The Center Midfield

The centre midfield is the second position in soccer that doesn’t require too much speed.

A centre midfielder job is to control the game and make sure their team has the possession. So, this does not involve too much speed but just vision, stamina and a good technique.

Toni Kroos is a perfect example.

He doesn’t run a lot on the pitch. But his main job is to switch up play with long balls to the other side of the pitch. This is his main skill. All his coaches have never asked him to dribble a player and accelerate. All they have always wanted from him is his ability to pass long balls.

Of course, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have speed. In fact, all players can sprint. But some positions will make people think a player isn’t fast enough.

3-The Sweeper

The sweeper plays behind the two centre-back and his main role is to sweep up the ball if the two centre-back have been beaten.

This position is often used in a 5-3-2 formation and doesn’t require speed.

Note that this position is not as popular as it used to be in the past.

Nowadays, modern teams find it useless to play with a sweeper.

It Is Not Required To Have Speed In Soccer

If you are a soccer amateur and would like to make it pro, but you are scared because maybe you are not fast enough, don’t worry.

It may be hard to believe but even as a slow player, you can still rock it in soccer.

If speed is your weakness, then use your strength to your advantage. Ask yourself the question “what am I good at”.  This will also help you find your position.

I am sure that even if you are not a fast player, there is something you do great on the pitch, and this is your superpower.

Remember, I mentioned Toni Kroos in this article. He may not be a fast player, but he produces accurate passes. And this is what has made him so great.

What about you? I am sure you have something special.

Plus, you know what? Most of the great players you see out there don’t have speed. Most of them have something special that they use to their advantage and this is what makes them who they are.

So, do yourself a favour and go out there, play tournaments in your city and see what you are good at and define your position on the pitch. Ask also your friends about what they see in you. Do not be afraid to be criticized. This will help you.

Final Word

The goalie is the slowest position in soccer. This is the only position that doesn’t require speed at all. A goalie can spend an entire game without running. This doesn’t mean all goalies are not fast. But this position doesn’t allow them to use too much speed or run a lot.

Do you agree with this top 3 of the slowest positions in soccer? What is your favourite position? Let me know in the comment section below.

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