What Is The Hat Trick In Soccer?

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What is the hat trick in soccer?

You have probably heard the term “hat trick” several times in soccer but you can’t figure out what it means.

Well, in this article you will find out the definition of the hat trick and everything there is to know about it.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is The Hat Trick In Soccer?

In soccer, we refer to a hat trick when a player individually scores three goals in one game. It is one of the most impressive feats in soccer.

Those three goals don’t need to be scored consecutively. As long as a single player has scored three in a match, it’s referred to as a hat trick.

But where does the term hat trick come from? Let’s dive a bit into the past.

Why Is It Called The Hat Trick?

Hat trick is a term that comes from Cricket, which, is a different sport. So, soccer/football borrowed that term from it.

In effect, in 1958, a Cricket player, Heathfield Harman Stephenson took three wickets( Say it’s like scoring a goal in soccer) in a row. After that, the fans decided to reward him by collecting money from the crowd.

The money was collected in a hat and then given to him.

This is where the term “Hat-Trick” came from.

So, Cricket, soccer/football and hockey are the only known sport to use the term “hat trick” so far.

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What Is The Perfect Hat-Trick In Soccer?

The perfect hat trick would be considered when a player scored one goal with their right foot, one goal with their left foot, and another goal with their head.

This is the perfect hat trick most soccer players dream of.

Some players have already achieved the perfect hat trick. A great example is Cristiano Ronaldo who did it many times. He has about 9 perfect hat tricks.

What Is The Reward In Soccer After A Hat Trick?

Unlike Cricket where the player receives a hat, in soccer, a player who scored a hat trick keeps the match ball after the final whistle.

But what if two players have scored a hat trick in a single game?

Well, in this case, both players will keep one ball each at the end of the game.

Who Has The Most Hat-Tricks?

Cristiano Ronaldo has the most hat tricks in soccer(60), followed by Pele(59), then Messy(55) as of now.

Both Ronaldo and Messy are still in activity. So, these numbers will probably add ups.

Keep in mind that Pele has scored 92 hat tricks career goals. But FIFA has decided not to take into consideration friendlies and regional league goals. Hence why only 59 goals from him have been considered official.

Who Has The Fastest Hattrick In Soccer?

According to SportsBrief, Alex Torr has the fastest hat trick in soccer history. It took him 70 seconds in a British amateur league or I should say a Sunday League game to do it.

Let’s not forget to mention Robert Lewandowski who has the fastest hat trick in Bundesliga history (3 goals in 5 minutes). It occurred in September 2015 During a game between Bayern and Wolfsburg. During that game, he scored a total of 5 goals in 9 minutes.

what is the hat trick in soccer - Lewandowski 5 goals in nine minutes

Final Word

At the end of this article, it should be remembered that we refer to a soccer hat trick when a player scores three goals in a single game. Plus as a reward, the hero keeps the match ball at the end of the game.

Hope you have been enlightened by this article.

Until next time, take care!