Why Is Number 10 Special In Soccer?

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Why is number 10 special in soccer?

First thing first, the number 10 is an attacking midfielder positioned between the midfield and defensive lines of the opposition team.

But, why is this position so special and important in soccer?

In this article, you are going to find out what makes the number 10 special.

Plus, if you are a number 10, you are also going to learn how you can improve your game as an attacking midfielder.

Let’s get started.

Why Is Number 10 Special In Soccer?

The number 10 is special and important in soccer because it is the position in which many soccer legends were born. On top of that, it is also because the number 10 is considered the most technical player in the team and a source of imagination on the pitch.

why is number 10 special in soccer - The number 10 positioning on the pitch

From amateur to professional teams, there is always a number 10.

Let’s explain in more detail why the number 10 is so special.

1-Many Soccer Legends Were Born To Wear The Number 10

You have probably watched legends like Ronaldinho, Maradona, Bergkamp or Pele wear the number 10. The list goes on.

Those legends made the number 10 special because they did amazing things on the pitch while wearing this number. Plus, they were the best in their teams.

Then, from generation to generation, managers decided to give the number 10 to the most skilful player in the team.

When a player was given the number 10, he was feeling special and unique and the best. This motivated all the players who were wearing that number to do incredible things on the pitch and make their team win trophies.

It happens a lot today in our neighbourhoods, cities and countries where we see young talented players in Sunday Leagues claiming they want the number 10 because they believe they are the most skilful players of their teams. They want to imitate their idols. And by wearing this number, they try several skills to look like their favourite player.

So, those legends had and keep having an influence years after years.

2-The Number 10 Is Considered The Most Technical Player Of The Team

As mentioned earlier, the number 10 is often attributed to the most skilful player in the team.

But, keep in mind that, in modern soccer, the number 10 is not necessarily given to the most skilful player. It can also be given to an attacking midfielder or the player with great passing ability and vision.

For example, Luka Modric wears the number 10 for Real Madrid and he isn’t the most skilful player in the team.

But, he is a very technical player with fantastic passing ability, great vision and a lot more. That’s why he got the number 10.

3-The NUmber 10 Is A Source Of Imagination

The number 10 is so special because of his imagination and creativity on the pitch.

Having that attacking midfielder position, the number 10 roams, producing imaginative contributions that can exploit weaknesses in the opposing defence.

In modern soccer, most teams base their play around the 10 because he is the one that can create goal-scoring opportunities.

With his passing ability, the number 10 can easily find the striker behind the defence and allow them to score.

Here are a couple of tips to be a better 10.

Tips To Become A Better 10 In Soccer

1-Play Simple

If you look at the greatest number 10 in the world, they all play simple and know what to do at certain times.

Some numbers 10 like to do too much with the ball and that’s one of the biggest mistakes of attacking midfielders.

For example, Neymar. Although he is really talented, Neymar tends to want too much, and this often hurts the team.

A great number 10 should analyse each situation and know when to dribble, when to give a pass and when to play simple.

2-Follow Your Instinct

As a number 10, you are going to have a lot of opportunities that require taking some risks.

So, do not think too much but just follow your instinct. This means if your instinct wants you to pass the ball, do it, if it wants you to do something specific at that moment, do it without thinking twice.

It doesn’t matter what will happen after, just follow your instinct. That’s what makes a great number 10 in soccer.

If you think your instincts are not on point, you can train them.

There are several training drills to improve your instincts. Work on drills that can help you operate in tight space and on one-on-one.

If you train well, the rest will naturally follow on the pitch.

3-Be A Nightmare To The Opposition

If you look at players like Kevin De Bruyne, he does damage in the opposing defence all the time with his passing and long-distance shoot. He is dangerous for the opposing defence all the time and that’s why he is one of the best of his generation and his position.

Although it is important to play simple, the number 10 position also requires you to take risks most of the time.

As a number 10, if you don’t do it, who will do it for you?

So, be a nightmare for the opposition.

4-Combine With The Striker

If you want to make it harder for the opposing defence, communique and combine a lot with the attacker. Search for combinations that can allow you to shoot and hopefully, score.

Final Word

This article was all about why the number 10 is so special in soccer.

Let’s recap why playing as a 10 or an attacking midfielder is so important: Because of all the legends who wore that number, because everyone who wears that number is considered the most skilful player of the team, and also because the number 10 is a source of imagination.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

If you have any questions, consider leaving them in the comment section below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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