What Is The Most Tiring Position In Soccer?

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What is the most tiring position in soccer?

Before answering that question, keep in mind that all positions require you to spend energy on the pitch. During each soccer game, players run a lot on the pitch. But one position seems to be the most tiring.

In this article, you are going to find out the most tiring position in soccer not only physically, but mentally as well.

What Is The Most Tiring Position In Soccer?

The striker is the most tiring position in soccer. Not only does the striker is chased by the defenders during the whole game, but he also has to think, find spaces and move a lot to try to get rid of the opposing defenders and receive the ball from his teammates. A striker also has a lot of pressure because he is in charge of scoring goals. So, winning the game depends on him. This can exhaust him physically and mentally as well.

Although the most tiring position in soccer can vary from person to person based on their own experience, note that being a striker doesn’t just mean standing on the pitch and waiting for the ball.

Many amateurs think that and they are wrong.

Being a striker involves a lot of responsibilities, a lot of runs and a lot of contacts with the opposition defenders.

Players who tend to get injured a lot on the pitch are strikers. This is because they are in a constant fight with defenders when they try to get the ball and try to score.

Let’s decorticate the main reasons why the striker is the most tiring position.

Why The Striker Is The Most Tiring Position In Soccer?

1-The Striker Has To Move A Lot With & Without The Ball

When you are playing as a striker, it is important to move a lot during the game to allow your teammates to pass you the ball.

Remember, the striker is the one in charge of scoring goals. So, his teammates are going to search for him during the entire game. He has to make himself available for the reception of the ball.

A striker is required to move a lot with and without the ball.

For instance, when his team has possession, a striker has to move and find spaces or run behind the defenders to receive the ball from his teammates.

Those little moves all the game exhaust a lot, and strikers will always say that.

2-Striker Defensive Responsibilities

Just like defenders who sometimes, find themselves in attack to score goals(Ex: Ramos), strikers can also find themselves in defense.

For example, if you are playing as a striker and your team is winning, you might go defend to help defenders when your team has conceded a corner kick.


After conceding a corner kick and the opposition has lost the ball, there can be a counter-attack.

So, once again, the striker has to run all the way to the other side of the pitch to conclude this counter-attack.

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the striker to end the counter-attack. But it is expected to be him because this is his main job. Plus, even if he doesn’t finish, he can contribute to it with an assist or his presence.

4-Too Many Contacts With Defenders

What Is The Most Tiring Position In Soccer - Two Players Fighting For The Ball

Playing as a striker involves too many contacts with opposing defenders.

Imagine being chased by a defender the whole game to prevent you from receiving the ball and scoring.

Of course, it is annoying and extremely tiring.

Remember, professional soccer players have to face good and experienced defenders. So, it is not easy to easily get rid of them and score.

There are and have been great defenders like Markinhos, S.Ramos, T.Sylva, etc. Those defenders are known for not giving too much space to strikers.

Now, imagine what strikers who faced them have gone through.

Being in contact with defenders the entire game is tiring. The striker has to fight to win the first ball when the ball is in the air, he has to win the shoulder-to-shoulder with defenders, and has to handle their tackles. This is extremely tiring.


When we talk about the most tiring position, we should also refer to the mind of the player.

A player can be mentally exhausted for several reasons:

A/If He Hasn’t Scored For A While

Yes, you heard that right. Most players tend to be mentally exhausted if they haven’t scored for the past few games.

As I said before, the main job of a striker is to score goals to allow his team to win the game. But if a striker hasn’t been able to fulfil his job properly, there is a deception. And from deception comes exhaustion.

No other player can be mentally exhausted as the striker.

If a player from a different position hasn’t been able to fulfil their job properly, they won’t feel as bad as a striker who hasn’t scored a goal.

B/If A Striker Isn’t Able To Get Rid Of Defenders

Once again, you heard that right.

Have you ever played as a striker? If yes, then you know how hard and tiring it is to be pocketed by a defender during the entire game.

If you are not a striker, well, keep in mind that when a striker isn’t able to score, dribble, or get rid of a defender, it can be annoying.

This often leads to strikers getting nervous and therefore being sanctioned with a yellow card.

Final Word

The striker is the most tiring position in soccer.

Again, each person can have their own opinion about the subject based on their own experience. But each person should be able to explain in detail why they think the most tiring position in soccer is what they think it is.

This article perfectly explained why the striker is the most tiring position.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

Now, did you expect the striker to be the most tiring position?

According to you, what is the most tiring position in soccer?

If you agree with the striker being the most tiring position, let me know in the comment section if there is anything else I should have talked about to illustrate this idea.

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