9 Soccer Corner Kick Set Plays To Dominate Any Team

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Soccer corner kick set plays are essential and can make you score several goals in the game.

There is a reason why most professional teams work on different soccer corner kick plays in training and implement them in real games.

A corner kick has the advantage to win a game.

In this article, you will learn nine simple soccer corner kick plays to increase your chances of scoring more goals.

Let’s get started.

Soccer Corner Kick Set Plays

Here are nine soccer corner kick plays to improve your game:

1. Basic Corner Kick Set

soccer corner kick set plays - Basic corner kick set

Each player has an assigned zone to run into in this corner set.

The corner taker can play the ball either to the nearest post, in the middle, or to the back post. So, all players must be organized and know where to run into.

A teammate can also decide to support the corner taker by getting closer to the corner spot and asking for a short pass.

In this corner set play, it is preferable to have five players in the box and one standing right outside to take a shot if the ball comes to him.

You have to understand that each set play can have multiple options. So, be creative and make those options available based on your opponent’s weaknesses.

2. Backdoor Corner

The Real Madrid team often uses this corner kick set.

It can be very useful if you do it the right way.

soccer corner kick set plays - Backdoor corner

In this corner kick set, the corner taker(Player 1) passes the ball to a teammate(Player 2), who passes the ball to another teammate(Player 3). Then, player one pivots inside before player 3 gives him back the ball so he can finish or pass it again to a different player who can score.

As mentioned earlier, every set play can have multiple options. So, don’t just rely on this one.

For example, in this corner kick set play, player three can enter the box directly to score or return the ball to number 2, who can cross it.

So, players have to read every situation and improvise if needed.

3. The Peel

This corner kick play is not as popular as the others but can be very powerful if used correctly.

soccer corner kick set plays - the peel

In this simple corner kick set, five players run at the very edge of the box.

The corner taker can play a one-two with player 3, and the others must run back to the middle of the box before player 1 crosses the ball to search for a header.

But this corner set will only work if the defending team follows your players at the edge of the box.

If they don’t, the combination might fail.

Do not worry, if the defending team has never seen something like this before, chances are they will follow your players at the edge of the box, and therefore, this combo will work.

So, do not hesitate to work on it in training and implement it during a game.

4. Full Back Corner

soccer corner kick set plays - Full back corner

In this soccer corner kick play, the full-back(Player 4) will come from a deep position and, therefore, is unmarked.

So, the corner taker passes the ball to him, and he can either cross it or enter the box and shoot.

5. Helping Teammates

This corner kick set play allows targeting the tallest players. And those tall players should be helped by other teammates.

For example, if you are a corner taker, you can decide to target two tall players in your team. But if the defending team has good defenders at aerial duels, it will be difficult no matter how tall your players are.

So, what to do?

Well, come the helping teammates.

The idea is simple: two teammates should stand right between the tallest players of your team and the opposing centre backs to avoid having them in contact.

soccer corner plays - Image of the helping teammates corner kick strategy

Those two helping teammates are here to hinder the opposing centre-backs.

Most teams always require their tallest defenders to mark the tall players from the opposition.

So, this corner kick play is very powerful as it prevents this.

6. Players Standing Behind Each Other

This simple corner kick set play allows two, three or four players to stand behind each other.

soccer corner kick set plays - Players standing between each other

As you know, they will still be marked by the opposition.

But, this technique becomes very powerful when those aligned players start running in different directions when the ball is played.

Of course, defenders will follow them but will most likely be late.

7. Creating Space In The Middle Of The Box

The idea of this corner kick set play is to create space and exploit it.

But how do you create space in the box during a corner kick?

Well, by pulling out some defenders.

soccer corner kick plays - creating space

As you can see from the image above, defenders have no choice but to follow those three players from the attacking team, which creates a massive gap in the middle of the box.

The corner taker must play the ball into that space; the players can receive the ball, and this can lead to a goal.

Here are two additional corner kick plays tactics I can add:

8. Near Post Run

This corner-kick tactic involves having one of your players make a sudden darting run towards the near post as the ball is kicked.

The quick movement can catch defenders off guard and create space for a scoring opportunity. The key is the run timing just as the ball is struck.

9. Short Pass

Instead of playing the corner kick long, the kicker can take a short pass to a teammate near the corner of the box. This draws defenders out and opens up space behind them.

After the short pass, the ball can be quickly crossed into the box before the defense recovers.

Soccer Corner Kick Plays: FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about soccer corner kick set plays:

1. What are the most effective corner kick set plays?

Some of the most effective corner kick set plays include the basic corner kick set, backdoor corner, the peel, full back corner, helping teammates, players standing behind each other, and creating space in the middle of the box. These plays allow teams to create scoring opportunities from the corner.

2. How can you beat the opposing defenders on a corner kick?

You can beat defenders on a corner kick by using plays like helping teammates and players standing behind each other. These plays block defenders and create confusion, allowing your players to get open in the box. Pulling defenders out of position is also effective.

3. What is the main objective of a corner kick play?

The main objective of a corner kick play is to create a scoring opportunity and generate a shot on goal. Teams design plays to get the ball to their key attacking players in dangerous positions in and around the box.

4. How many players should be in the box for a corner kick?

Ideally, you want at least five players in the box for a corner kick. This crowds the area, making it hard for defenders to mark every one. Keep one player outside the box as an outlet option.

5. Should you keep your corner kick plays simple or complex?

A balance of simple and complex corner kick plays is best. Have 2-3 routines that the players understand clearly. But also have some plays with multiple options to keep the defense guessing. Don’t overload the players with too many elaborate plays.

Wrap Up

This article was all about the nine most powerful soccer corner kick plays.

Let’s recap them: basic corner kick set, backdoor corner, the peel, the full-back corner, helping teammates, players standing behind each other and creating space in the box.

You don’t have to master all of them, but you will be well-equipped if you do.

Practice makes perfect. So, go out there with your team, start training those different soccer corner kick plays, and implement them in every game.

I hope you have gained value from this article.

If you have any questions or if you know another corner set play you would like to talk about, you can leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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