Do Soccer Players Eat Breakfast? (Answered!)

do soccer players eat breakfast

Soccer players, just like any other athlete need to eat. But today, many amateurs are wondering if soccer players eat breakfast. This article is going to answer that question and provide more other answers that may have crossed your mind as well. Let’s get started. Do soccer players eat breakfast? Do football players eat in … Read more

Who Invented The Bicycle Kick In Soccer? (Answered)

Who invented the bicycle kick in soccer - Featured Image

Who invented the bicycle kick in soccer? First thing first, soccer, also known as football, is the most popular sport in the world. Many skills and techniques have been developed over the years. One of them is The Bicycle Kick. Over the years, many people have been looking to know who did the first ever … Read more

What Is A First Touch In Soccer? (Easily Explained)

what is a first touch in soccer

Your first touch is one of the most important skills in soccer/football. So, mastering it is almost a need for any soccer player in the world.

But, what is a first touch in soccer, really? How to execute one? And how to improve your touch in soccer?

This is what you are going to find out in this article.

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What Is A Skill In Soccer? Beginner Guide

what is a skill in soccer - Featured Image

What is a skill in soccer? Before answering that question, keep in mind that if you have just started playing soccer(aka football) or you are just curious about what a skill is, then you are in the best place to learn it. There is always something new to learn in the soccer world. What is … Read more

What Is The Purpose Of Dribbling In Soccer?

what is the purpose of dribbling in soccer

Dribbling is something very simple to do but difficult to master because there is no correct way to do it. For example, when you play a video game, everybody has a different approach to how to win. But, everyone uses the same controller. It’s the same thing with dribbling, everybody has a different style of … Read more

What Is A Finishing In Soccer? (Easily Explained)

what is finishing in soccer

During the past years, there have been more and more great goal scorers in soccer. Those goal scorers are often defined as clinical finishers… But what is finishing in soccer, really? This question has been asked a lot of times during the past decades by many soccer amateurs. Today, we are going to cover this … Read more


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