How To Wash Grip Socks? 9 Easy Steps To Follow

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Keeping your grip socks clean is an important part of taking care of your soccer gear. Grip socks help provide traction and prevent slipping on the field, so you want to make sure they stay in good condition.

Washing them properly will remove dirt, bacteria, and odors while preserving the grip and extending the life of the socks.

Follow these simple steps to wash your grip socks for soccer/football, or any other sport and keep them performing at their best.

How To Wash Grip Socks?

1. Supplies You’ll Need

-Mild detergent – avoid harsh detergents that could damage the fabric
Wash bag or garment bag – protects the socks in the wash
-Cold water – hot water can damage elasticity

2. Sort Your Socks

How to wash grip socks - a pair of grip socks on the floor

Go through your grip socks and turn them all right side out. Check for any holes, tears or excessive wear. Set aside any socks that need repairs. Sort your socks by color to prevent bleeding or discolouration in the wash.

3. Pre-Treat Dirty Areas

Inspect each pair and pre-treat any extra dirty spots like grass stains, mud or blood. Use a stain remover or dab a bit of detergent on the area and let sit for 10-15 minutes before washing. This will help lift out stubborn grime.

4. Wash on Cold

Place your sorted socks into a wash bag or garment bag and close the zipper or drawstring. This will keep the socks contained in the wash to prevent any getting lost or tangled.

Set your washing machine to a cold, gentle cycle with mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener, as these can damage the technical fabrics.

5. Let Air Dry

After washing, remove the socks from the bag and lay them flat or hang them over a drying rack to air dry. Avoid using the dryer, as the heat can damage the elasticity of the grip dots. Letting your socks air dry helps them maintain their shape and function.

6. Spot Clean After Games

For best results, do a full wash after every few games. But for quick cleaning after each match, hand wash problem areas to remove dirt and sweat right away.

Fill a sink or tub with cool water and a small amount of detergent, then submerge just the feet of the socks. Let soak for 5-10 minutes, then gently scrub and rinse.

7. Remove Odors

Over time, bacteria from your feet can cause unpleasant odours in your grip socks. Kill germs and odors by doing a wash with an antimicrobial sporting detergent.

Soak in vinegar water or use an odor-eliminator spray after washing. Lay in the sun to dry, as UV rays help kill bacteria.

8. Check Your Cleats

Don’t forget to clean your cleats too! Dirt, debris and mud on your shoes can transfer to your clean socks. Use a stiff brush and soap to scrub cleats, removing all visible dirt.

Pay extra attention to the bottoms of your shoes, where grime collects. Rinse thoroughly.

9. Proper Storage

After washing and drying, fold pairs together and store them in a breathable drawer or mesh bag. Avoid leaving them balled up or crammed tightly together long-term. Allowing airflow will help prevent moisture buildup that leads to smells.

With the right washing techniques, your grip socks can maintain their traction and stay stink-free all season long.

Follow these sock care tips before and after each game for the best results. Investing a little time into proper laundering will extend the lifespan of your socks and keep them performing at their best.

Plus, your shoes and bag will smell better too when your socks stay fresh. So take good care of your grip socks and they’ll take good care of your feet on the field.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Wash grip socks inside out in cold water using a mild detergent
  • Air dry fully to maintain elasticity, and avoid heat damage
  • Pre-treat heavily soiled areas before washing
  • Use a wash bag to protect socks in the machine
  • Spot clean after each use to remove sweat and dirt
  • Alternate pairs between wears and wash after every few games
  • Remove odors with antimicrobial detergent, vinegar or odour spray
  • Store properly folded in breathable bags between wears
  • Keep cleats clean too to avoid getting socks dirty again

Following these sock-washing best practices will remove bacteria, odours and stuck-on grime to keep your grip socks performing like new. Please put in the small amount of care required and your socks will maintain their traction and stay fresh all season long.

Final Thoughts

I hope these tips help you keep your grip socks in great condition all season long. Proper washing is essential to get the most performance and lifespan out of your socks.

If you have any of your own sock care tips or questions, make sure to leave a comment below! I’d love to hear your favourite grip sock cleaning methods or any challenges you face in keeping them fresh.

Share your soccer sock wisdom so we can all learn the best ways to care for our gear. Together we can keep our grip socks clean and traction-ready for the entire season.

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