How To Shoot A Soccer Ball With Curve? 5 Tips To Learn

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Soccer players dream of scoring incredible-bending goals. A curved shot can help you get the ball past defenders and into the back of the net.

Adding a curve or “bend” to your shots takes practice, but following some essential tips can help you master this skill.

How to Shoot a Soccer Ball With Curve?

1. Get the Right Body Positioning

Your body position is crucial for hitting curved shots. As you approach the ball, take a slightly angled run-up. Position your non-kicking foot beside the ball and lean your body over the ball. Please keep your eyes on the ball and your knee over it as you make contact.

Angle your standing foot outwards and wrap your kicking foot around the ball. Hit the ball with the inside or outside of your foot, depending on how you want the curve to go. The angle of your foot and body will help generate spin.

2. Strike the Ball Off-Center

To bend the ball, you need to strike it off-center. Imagine the ball divided into quadrants. For an outside curve, hit the lower external quadrant with your laces. For an inside bend, contact the inside quadrant with the inside of your foot.

Striking the ball off-center applies spin that makes the ball swerve. Practice adjusting your contact point to control the amount of curve.

3. Follow Through Smoothly

The follow-through is critical for curving shots. After you strike the ball, continue the momentum of your kicking leg by swinging it across your body. This follow-through emphasizes the curved motion and generates more spin.

Landing with your weight on your kicking foot also keeps your body positioned for an optimal curve on the shot.

Keep practising the entire shooting motion to get the hang of the fluid follow-through.

4. Work on Ball Mastery

Mastering ball control helps you execute curved shots. Work on close ball control drills using different surfaces of your feet. Move the ball back and forth while shifting your feet to manipulate the ball from different angles.

Juggling improves overall touch and feel. Vary the height and direction, mixing in curves. This coordination translates to curving shots in games.

5. Add Power

While technique is vital, you need leg strength to bend the ball. Incorporate power and strength exercises like knee drives and squats into your training. Use resistance bands around your ankles for added difficulty.

Power and finesse together result in tremendous curves. Generate force through your hips and legs while maintaining the correct technique. Over time, your shots will bend beautifully.

Scoring curved goals requires practice and skill development. But with the proper preparation, you can hit booming shots that arc perfectly into the goal. Work on your footwork, body position, contact point, and Power. With consistency, curving the ball can become second nature.

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Here is what Adidas recommends for shooting the ball with curve:

  • Strike below the middle line for an upward curve.
  • Lock your ankle and point your toes up.
  • Approach at an angle.
  • Plant your foot behind for a side spin.
  • Swing your hip for a spin.
  • Slightly lean forward for control.

Final Thoughts

Learning to bend the ball takes time and patience. What has your experience been working on curving your shots? What tips have helped you improve your technique? Are there any key drills that have worked for honing your skills?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments! Share your own advice for mastering curved shots. Getting feedback from other players can provide new ideas and motivation to keep practising. Together we can help more players unlock the skill of curling shots and hitting incredible goals.

Let us know how these tips work for improving your ability to bend the ball. With hard work, you’ll be striking curved shots like the pros in no time. Leave a comment below to join the conversation!

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