Are Goalkeepers Allowed To Score?

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Goalkeepers are often thought of as the last line of defense on a soccer team, tasked with the critical job of preventing the opposing team from scoring. However, are they allowed to score goals and can they play an essential offensive role on the field?

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Are Goalkeepers Allowed To Score Goals?

Yes, goalkeepers are allowed to score in soccer (football). In fact, it is not uncommon to see goalies scoring from penalty kicks, long throw-ins, and corner kicks.

Let’s have more explanations.

Goalies Scoring From Penalty, Throw In, and Corner

Penalty kicks are awarded to a team when a player from the opposing team commits a foul inside their own penalty area, and sometimes, the goalkeeper can be designated to take it.

is goalkeeper allowed to score - two shadows, a penalty taker and a goalie

Note that the goalie must be a very good penalty-taker for the coach to trust him to do it.

A goalkeeper can also score a goal from a long throw-in, which is when the ball is thrown from behind the touchline and into the opposing team’s penalty area. This is a tactic that some teams use to put pressure on the opposing defense and create scoring opportunities.

In this scenario, the goalkeeper must join the attack if the game is almost over.

The goalie can also score a goal from a corner kick. Just like the previous one, this usually happens in the last minutes of the game, when the team is trying either to equalize or win the game.

Note that the goalie can not attack in a corner too early in the game, otherwise, the opposing team could have a counterattack.

So, it’s preferable to do it when the team gets a last chance to score.

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Famous Examples Of Goalkeepers Who Have Scored

One of the most famous examples of a goalkeeper scoring a goal is José Luis Chilavert, who was known for his ability to score from free kicks and penalties.

Chilavert, who played for clubs like Real Zaragoza and Paraguay national team, scored 62 goals during his career.

Another famous example is Rogerio Ceni, who played for São Paulo FC, he scored 131 goals during his career, Making him the highest-scoring goalkeeper of all time.

In addition to scoring goals, goalkeepers can also contribute to their team’s offence by acting as a “sweeper-keeper”.

The Role Of The Sweeper-Keeper

A sweeper-keeper is a goalkeeper who is comfortable coming out of his or her penalty area to clear the ball and start an offensive play.

This can be an effective strategy for teams that like to play a high-pressing, attacking style of football, as it allows the team to transition from defence to attack quickly.

A good example is Manuel Neuer with Bayern Munich.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, goalkeepers are not just limited to their defensive role on the field, they can also contribute to the team’s offensive play by scoring goals or acting as a “sweeper-keeper”.

While it’s rare for them to score, they have the ability to do so, and it’s an exciting moment when it happens.

It also can have a big impact on the game and even more so when it happens in crucial moments of the match.

Hope you have gained value from this article.

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