Is Soccer Different From Football? All You Need To Know

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Is Soccer Different From Football? This question has been asked by many since the creation of this beautiful game.

Soccer and football are the most controversial words in the world.

In this article, you are going to find out the difference between these two words and why it has been controversial for so long.

Is Soccer Different From Football?

Soccer and Football are two words that describe the same thing. But why all this controversiality and frustration? Why are people so confused about whether they are different or not?

The truth is there are many version of football:

Rugby, Gaelic, Australian rules, Football(American Football) and Football(Soccer). Hence many people tend to get confused when it comes to this matter.

But to have a better understanding, let’s see which countries use the word Soccer.

Which countries use the word soccer?

Here are the countries that stuck to the term soccer:

Canada, the US, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.

All those countries use the word Soccer to design what Europeans call Football.

It might seem a little confusing but you’ll get used to it.

Those countries previously listed have something in common: They all have a sport they call Football, which is their main sport and which consists of playing using your hands.

NFL players on a pitch running

This is what Europeans call Rugby.

For those who don’t like the term Soccer or Football, there are good reasons to use both terms.

Firstly, to let someone know what sport you are referring to.

For instance, if someone from Ireland would use the term Football, it wouldn’t mean Soccer. The person would have to precise about what sport they are talking about.

This is because there are two types of Football: The one with the feet(Soccer/Football) and the one with the hands(Football).

Why is Soccer called Soccer in America?

You first need to know that the word Soccer has been invented in the UK. British people loved this game, but their competitive desires required them regulations. Hence in 1863, rules were defined and the Football Association was formed.

But there were still other versions of the game. This is why a new rule was written, one that allows the use of hands. We are talking about Rugby Football.

This distinction between Rugby and the Football Association Football marks the origin of Soccer.

Soccer is just a short version of Association Football.

This can be read on a tiny letter from 1905 published by Francis H. Tabor to the New York Times:

As a matter of fact, it was a fad at Oxford and Cambridge to use “er” at the end of many words, such as foot er, sport er, and as Association did not take an “er” easily, it was, and is, sometimes spoken of as Soccer.

You can read this on The Atlantic.

Without any surprise, it was the soccer version, the one played with feet that soon spread from England to the rest of the world, except the US.

Surprisingly, the other sport exploded too, the one with the hands. Everyone loved that game and it became the most popular in the US but not in the UK.

So, Americans decided on the name Football to define the sport we play with our hands and they kept the one we play with feet Soccer.

Calling Football Soccer can be a source of intense anger and antagonism for British people and Europeans.

But Americans don’t care. It is even worse now that the US has become a global force in Football/Soccer(the one with the feet).

The fans community keeps growing and their Soccer/Football national team takes part in the world cup.

Today, the American way of life has become so dominant that for some Europeans, the argument about Football or soccer is now the last remaining battlefield to defend their culture.

I personally think this is a form of anti-Americanism to force American people to use the word Football(the one with the feet) as everyone else.

This is the only aspect of global culture that is not dominated by Americans. Compared to other things like music, movies, etc. that are totally dominated by Americans.

So, what is the solution? Will this debate ever end?

There is no solution at the moment, in fact, we don’t need to find a solution to this.

Final Thoughts

By now you should know the difference between Soccer and Football.

The use of the name Soccer or Football entirely depends on where you are and which sport you are referring to.

Whether Soccer or Football, all we need is to enjoy the beautiful game(Soccer/Football).

There is no reason to hate one name and prefer the other. European Football and American Football(NFL) are two fabulous sport that are bringing people together all around the world.

Did you learn something today? Do you have any question? Or would you like to add something about this topic? leave them in the comment section below.

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